08/24/10 – As-Builts converted and sent to GBBN and Bert.

08/13/10 – Waiting for final payapp and closeout. As-Built dwg is complete.

07/28/10 – Project is complete. TTC to delivery as-built dwgs to Bert.

07/23/10 – TTC is approved O&M’s on these jobs for Bert. Dwgs are being bound. Paperwork looks fine.

05/26/10 – Project is complete. We are awaiting closeout paperwork.

05/13/10 – I approved payapp #2 today and asked Gary for closeout documents.

04/26/10 – Project complete. TEI will release a no item punchlist and begin closeout.

03/19/10 – Corporate came down to investigate a blown fuse situation when opening the cover panel on the new pumps. JCI is looking to hook up the remaining sensors back to the new pump package for Howard. TEI will issue a punchlist on this project.

02/24/10 – QCM pumps have been verified in the shop for payapp. They will start on Monday at 6am and this is confirmed with Howard and Gary.

02/04/10 – QCM scheduled to begin work on 02/22/10. TEI asked for an updated schedule.

01/26/10 – Equipment is ordered and extra pump has been approved.

12/31/09 – Submittals have been approved and sent back to QCM. We still don’t know if Tony has approved the change order for an extra pump.

09/04/09 – Contracts submitted to the County.

08/27/09 – Bid open today. One Addendum was issued.

06/23/09 – Tony said the SOSS has been signed. We are awaiting approval and the PO. The existing Systecon domestic package is variable speed and will most likely be replaced with a new variable speed system that has readily available parts.

06/17/09 – Terry and Mike visited the building to create the SOSS.