Partner Lead: TEI

01/26/16 – Have not made any progress on replacement drinking fountain bubblers since last meeting.

03/24/16 – TTC met with Dan Brewer and Mike Felton of Streamkey about the drinking fountain upgrades at the Justice Center. We will try to get factory replacement parts for a pneumatic style upgrade. More info to come from Acorn in the next few weeks.

03/25/16 – Streamkey sent an equipment cut and pneumatic upgrade diagram to ThermalTech for review.

03/29/16 – ThermalTech reviewed that data and sent to County for approval. We will probably go with a pneumatic assemble with a physical pushbutton arrangement that will be field installed by contractor. We are trying to get one mockup version from Acorn prior to bidding.

04/22/16 – Drinking fountain equipment specs continue with Streamkey. I believe we have worked out all the details and are ready to order one for install.

04/26/16 – Drinking fountain was going to be ordered through ThermalTech but now a new design was sent.

05/02/16 – Drinking fountain ordered and paid for by TTC.

05/25/16 – Drinking fountain is finished and should ship this week for next week arrival

06/09/16 – First drinking fountain delivered to County from Acorn. County to install in near future.

06/30/16 – Dan tried to install first retrofit kit and it did not work. Streamkey will be down next Wednesday at 8am to go over design changes on Acorn part. TTC will try to attend that meeting.

07/18/16 – Streamkey emailed County to ask for new date to meet everyone on site. County said they would contact Mike when Dan was back on site and available.

07/25/16 – Acorn sent new sketch to our standards except they denoted some pipe thread changes so the new piece will screw directly on to the old piece. New part probably 20 days out with shipping.

08/16/16 – The new part is in, Mike Felton and Dan are in email contact with each other about installing the new part for testing.

09/26/16 – This months test was a success. The retrofit works. TTC to update the original cost estimate if needed. [pic]