Building Operations Project

07/30/14 – Terry and Tony decided to use a PO from and old JC project and try to do this project with those monies. Do North building as Small Project Bid.

09/24/14 – SOSS approved. Joe on vacation. TTC to kickoff next week.

10/17/14 – Kickoff meeting complete. Mike Folck and Ryan Jacimine currently working on design and load calcs.

11/24/14 – Bids are in and the project came in at $22,038.50 for all three contracts. Debra Kuempel is the apparent low bidder on both the mechanical ($15,949.00) and electrical work ($2,247.00) and JCI ($3,842.50) for the controls scope. After bids were open Tony put the writing and awarding of this contract on hold

12/11/14 – Project on hold awaiting release from AKM.

01/27/15 – DK called about project. AKM confirms project is still on hold.

03/25/15 – Project still on hold.

04/27/15 – Project is on hold until further notice.

07/29/15 – Tony discussed starting this project up again. TTC contact original bidders to inquire if November bids are still valid. Debra and JCI.

08/26/15 – All contractors still on board with project. We are waiting to start this year.

09/23/15 – Tony approved the project and released ThermalTech to prepare the contract for Debra Kuempel and JCI for the work to upgrade the H&V unit.

10/28/15 – Contracts written for three vendors. Tony to get approval on Debra and JCI contracts.

12/08/15 – TEI contact Debra and JCI for hard copy paperwork for the contract. DK returned their immediately. We are still waiting on JCI.

01/26/16 – Contracts under review by Prosecutor and out for signature with vendor.

02/08/16 – Dave Gleason dropped off performance bond and Tony informed Nester we had the paperwork.

03/30/16 – Waiting on work to start by contractors. ThermalTech has returned all submittals.

04/15/16 – Tony says getting background check in order for work is underway.

05/20/16 – Vendors checked on status of PO for project, TTC inquired with Tony.

07/15/16 – Debra is completed with Mechanical work, Electrical work is supposed to be be completed today. JCI will be in next week to do controls and controls programming.

07/21/16 – TTC was on site Thursday to look at the installation. ThermalTech will release a punchlist to vendors. Unit is not started yet and JCI controls are not in place. Mechanical and electrical installation looks good so far.

07/27/16 – Talked to Debra and JCI. All work is complete, next step is that DK will perform startup on the unit and check refrig charge for us. The room control is the the thermostat on the wall. TTC may check OA return vs room recirculation for this unit.

08/04/16 – Unit was tested by Debra and all seems well. TTC to stop down and take measurements and check out room configuration.

09/01/16 – TTC to verify loads and check unit soon.

09/08/16 – Payapp 1 & 2 sent to tony from Debra. No payapp received from JCI yet. DK sent electric payapp #2 directly to Tony, TTC to retrieve.

09/23/16 – ThermalTech sent sequence instructions to County. Balance report from DK shows unit is running at 1400 cmf vs 2250 scheduled.

10/28/16 – JCI will be on site next Wednesday to look at programming.

11/16/16 – Debra turned in a $1000 change order which will be rejected on this project and picked up on a new project. This work was to resheave the the existing unit to speed up the fan and increase the CFM. JCI finished reprogramming the controls to match the ThermalTech sequences. TTC sent payapps #2 in for both DK mechanical and electrical for closeout on this project to Tony Matre. This project is read to archive and close.