07/06/10- Attended Kick-off meeting with Bert Watts and Tony Matre.

07/15/10- Submitted SOSS to Bert Watts.

9/27/10- Meeting with GBBN, Fred Orringer (Kitchen Consultant) Jerry Vogel and Andre Tudor to discuss the logistics and operational issues for implementation of the possible flooring replacement.

9/27/10- Transcript of meeting sent to Bert Watts for clarification of scope and summarization of issues discussed in the meeting from the same day.

12/3/10- Bert Watts called to clarify questions on scope. It was determined the report would be issued to the Owner 1/18/11.

1/18/11- Final document was sent to Bert Watts electronically for review.

1/31/11- Bert Watts instructed GBBN to request color and slip resistance texture samples from the vendor for presentation to the Sheriff.

2/3/11- GBBN requested UreCon color samples from Key Resin. Key honored request to send color samples for the epoxy topcoat as well.

2/15/11- Color sample chips arrived along with slip resistance samples.

2/17/11- Color charts arrived.

2/18/11- Bert Watts sent a list of proposed kitchen equipment to be replaced in the flooring project. TEI and GBBN are to investigate possible connection and logistics costs for this equipment for inclusion into the final Study.

2/21/11- Bert Watts called to indicated the final report with modifications is due 2/28/11.

3/3/11- Delivered final copies of Flooring Study to Bert Watts.

6/28/11- Bert Watts requests SOSS from GBBN to include ThermalTech as consultant.

6/29/11- GBBN sent final scope document to ThermalTech for coordination of SOSS scoping.

6/30/11- SOSS completed and delivered to Bert Watts.