10/28/10 – Cintas has not sent in AIA pay applications yet for payment.

09/03/10 – The kitchen passed its final inspection. All contractors were instruction to complete closeout documents and send final payapps in.

08/13/10 – All contractors reported for work. Cintas is compete. DK is complete. QCE did not finish yet. Final fire alarm test will be schedule after QCE is finished.

07/28/10 – Work is ongoing. QCE was on site and hooking up fire alarm contact last night. Cintas was not on site but Ansul system appears to be 90% complete.

07/23/10 – Cintas & QCE electric will begin work next Monday on the systems both Fire & Elec. We are scheduling a fire test pm Friday July 30. We are trying to get DK to fix the Aqua Vent system by then.

05/26/10 – Kickoff meeting schedule for Thursday.

04/26/10 – County reports contracts are ready to be signed. Then we will begin.

03/23/10 – No updates

02/24/10 – Under contract review. QCE called to ask about status. TTC updated them.

02/03/10 – TTC sent BW the prebid mtgs notes for contract approval on this job. We are waiting for construction to begin.

01/23/10 – We continue to wait for approval to proceed with this work.

12/31/09 – All bids have been received. TEI has delivered contracts to Tony for approval. We are waiting on approval to move forward.

09/08/09 – Steve Ossege discussed the hood coverage with Terry Cannon. All hoods that cover grease producing equipment. This means that one hood in the JC kitchen must be covered. The other hoods can have the sprinkler heads removed. All hoods must keep the fusible links in place with the hand pull stations. The Aqua Vent bid is still under review at the prosecutors.

08/24/09/ – Daryl Meadows and Steve Ossege will provide city direction for TEI work. Our design is complete. We just need to bid out the Ansul system replacement.

07/29/09 – Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Upgrade is almost complete. This project is set for small bidding next week. The cost estimates show the project can be under $25,00 but not by much. The drawings are complete. The specs are complete. We will be inviting fire suppression contact

06/23/09 – Aqua Vent project in contract approval stage. Kitchen Hood project in code review and design stage. Cintas has not emailed or called TTC back about code requirements vs final design of this small project. They have given this information to the County before and I suspect they don’t want to design it for us. TEI has to update the hood suppression system, the interface to the fire alarm panel, and new relays for the remaining equipment for FA signals. This might be after the cost estimates are finished for 2009.

05/22/09 – The Aqua Vent repair has been bid out and we are awarding to Debra Kuempel for about $12k. Contracts are being written. TEI sent out the bid tab and told DK to get hard copy paper work to Tony by 05/29/09.

05/19/09 – Cintas has provided the estimate and a scope for the fire protection work on this project. TTC to use for bidding.

02/02/09 – Terry and Mike are finalizing a small project bid manual for this project this week. We are planning on bidding the 3rd week of February.

10/18/08 – Approved but new hoods not required. What upgrade is left to do? TTC to inquire with Howard.

08/07/08 – SOSS submitted for approval to County.