10/28/10 – Project is complete and ready for closeout. New paperwork has been received.

10/5/10 – CBS will receive $2,150.00 allowance monies instead of the $5,000.00 due to using $2,850.00 for upgrades to both ovens.

09/29/10 – Project complete. Need closeout documents.

08/13/10 – Waiting for closeout docs. Payapps sent in as paid.

07/28/10 – Oven look good. Punchlist items look to be complete. Training should be complete. Ready for closeout.

07/23/10 – Both Ovens are installed. TTC sent an email punchlist to CBS who said they would address these issues on their next visit downtown. Several of the items on the list require adjustment when the ovens are off. They said it would be no problem. Oven #1 had an issue with a door opening switch which CBS fixed and now all seems to be well.

05/26/10 – Kickoff meeting schedule for June.

05/13/10 – We are trying to setup our next const mtg on this job. Equipment should be here soon.

05/05/10 – Ovens are ready for shipping. Project is ready to startup in two weeks.

04/26/10 – Waiting on Oven delivery to begin the project. Contract checked in and is ready when equipment arrives.

02/24/10 – Tony confirmed the submitted oven is approved by Aramark for this project. Other submittal data is acceptable.

01/26/10 – TEI owes CBS submittals on this project.

12/31/09 – Oven submittals have been received. TEI to review and approve, especially the prison option to be finalized.

09/04/09 – Contracts submitted to the County.

08/24/09 – CBS was the low bidder. TEI interviewed CBS and they seem to have everything included in the bid. The bid very aggressive and want to make sure they can sell the ovens when complete.

07/29/09 – This project went out for bid last Monday. Prebid 08/05. Bid Opening set for 08/24.

06/23/09 – Tony said the SOSS has been signed. We are awaiting approval and the PO.

06/17/09 – Terry and Mike made a visit to the building to look over the equipment and the installation. There is some electrical work and mechanical work to perform but the bulk of the cost will definitely be the equipment itself.