03/25/15 – County requested a “high level” opinion of probable cost for the Matrix system replacement at the JC. TEI submitted to BW a very high level Opinion of probable cost. BW asked for an SOSS for TEI to establish a JC specific opinion of probable cost, with the JC specific ancillary systems to confirm that all of the ancillary systems would be compatible with the new Matrix head end. TEI waiting for PO and signed SOSS.
04/29/15 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO from HCFD. TEI emails Rocky Mullins to schedule site visit – and will make site visit pending scheduling of visit to develop complete understanding of existing system and all ancillary systems connected to the matrix.
05/26/15 – TEI met with Mark and ICS at justice center to review the existing conditions and what is connected to the existing Matrix and how the connections are made. TEI is drafting report for Facilities Department including revised cost estimate.
06/24/15 – TEI submitted the final report to HamCo. Upon review of the report, HamCo requested an SOSS for the installation of the recommended upgrades. TEI submitted SOSS to HamCo and is awaiting approval and Purchase order.
07/22/15 – SOSS and PO pending approval.
01/26/16 – TEI receives calls from Sheriffs office that the matrix is failing. TEI directs sheriffs office to contact BW for status of funding.
04/27/16 – Project on hold pending funding.
05/25/16 – SOSS re-issued – pending approval and PO (new TEI contract term).
06/27/16 – SOSS and PO pending approval. (Note – funding approved at 06/15/16 BOCC Meeting).
07/27/16 – SOSS and PO pending approval.
08/23/16 – TEI receives signed SOSS and PO (PO#568305). TEI, Sheriff’s office, and BW conducted a kick-off meeting at the JC. TEI to begin field work at completion of 2020 Matrix project.
09/28/16 – TEI had discussions with ICS re cards in existing matrix that are out and “not replaceable”. ICS located used cards and were installing them to get the blind LC’s back in working order. Fieldwork to be scheduled with Rocky Mullens/Mark Sengawald in the next week or so.
10/25/16 – TEI conducts field work and documentation of existing conditions. A design meeting is necessary to discuss features of existing system versus what is available with current technology; project is progressing.
01/25/17 – TEI completes design after Sheriff’s office assigns Kyran Weithofer as the Sheriff’s PM for the project. 100% design review meeting conducted on 01/25/17, project to be sent to purchasing on 01/31/17 for ITB.
02/25/17 – Project is out to bid, with bids due back to purchasing on 03/02/17. TEI conducts pre-bid meeting on site and has issued Addendum #1 and Addendum #2.
03/22/17 – Project received 2 bids. Based on budget, HamCo wants to reject both bids and send out for re-bid with added scope. This is to be approved at 3/22/17 BOCC meeting.
04/26/17 – Facilities instructs ThermalTech to hold on re-bid, asked for SOSS to solicit maint agreement. TEI provides SOSS – pending approval and PO. Then Facilities to have ThermalTech re-package Matrix and issue the maintenance agreement spec at the same time.
05/22/17 – Project on hold pending approval and PO for Maintenance Agreement.
06/27/17 – PO for maintenance agreement has been received, and ThermalTech to develop specs for Maintenance agreement and repackage the matrix project for simultaneous issuances (tentatively end of July)
07/25/17 – Matrix Project and Maintenance Agreement Projects are complete and are to be issued for bids on 08/01/17 (ITB – 039-17 Maint Agreement, ITB 040-17 for Matrix).
08/28/17 – Bids opened on 08/23/17 – within budget. TEI is working to validate bids and then will author contracts for both projects.
09/26/17 – TE authors contract for DK to install work for the project. Upon notification that contracts are complete, TE will schedule pre-construction meeting to kickoff construction phase of the project.
10/25/17 – Facilities indicated that contracts have been approved and are waiting on hard copies and PO to come back from purchasing to schedule pre-construction meeting. Anticipate this meeting to occur in the first couple of weeks of November.
11/29/17 – DK receives PO and signed contract on project. Since DK was awarded this project and the Kiosk infrastructure project – and the work for these areas are in same spaces throughout the building, DK to work on both projects concurrently. Pre-construction meeting to be scheduled as soon as the contract for the kiosk project is available.
01/22/18 – A pre-construction meeting was scheduled with the team and DK for 01/30/18. This project to run concurrently with the JC Commissary Kiosk Project.
02/20/18 – DK mobilized and has started construction on project.  Weekly const meetings to occur every Tuesday at 9:00 AM throughout duration of project.  ThermalTech has reviewed and approved all submittals, materials are on order and scheduled to arrive in next 2 weeks.
03/27/18 –  Construction of this project and the Video Visitation Infrastructure Project is ongoing.  Matrix equipment is on site and cameras are being programmed at DK office and brought to site.
04/25/18 – Construction underway on project.  Equipment to be installed in rack to start the “burn in” process this week.
05/30/18 – All equipment is installed in racks and burn in procedure underway.  DK waiting on Stanley to provide schedule of when the changeover to occur (when Stanley on site).   Anticipate by end of first week of June all work to be installed and running on new system.
06/27/18 – Stanley scheduled to be on site on 06/28/18 at 11:00 AM.  TEI, DK, HCSO and HCFD to meet with Stanley to discuss implementation plan.
07/25/18 –  Stanley on site for PLC programming during mid-July.  DK working to make all new cameras work in matrix – existing cameras were transferred first.  Construction progress meeting and pending issues discussion scheduled after partner meeting at 1:00 PM at the Justice Center with Facilities, TE, DK and HCSO.
08/29/18 – DK indicates that the project is complete.   ThermalTech, Facilities and HCSO conducts punchlist walk through and ThermalTech issues project punchlist.  DK working on punchlist items.
09/26/18 – DK indicated that they have to bring Stanley back to site for re-programming to get the project completed according to the bid documents.  completion of punchlist pending Stanley availability.
10/23/18 – ThermalTech and HCFD receives email from Lt. Weithofer  that nearly all of the punch list items are complete.  JN requests a date from DK when the final items will be 100% complete.
11/28/18 – Project closeout pending DK finalization of pending punch list items.
01/29/19 – Project closeout pending the complete submission of close out documents from DK.
02/26/19 – TEI finally received final close out documents from DK.  TEI to process and deliver to HamCo.
03/26/19 – TEI delivers closeout documents to facilities department. Okay to archive.