05/22/09 – TEI has not been paid on this project yet.

03/02/09 – All work completed several months ago.

08/25/08 – Progress is being made on project. No Conf Call today.

08/22/08 – Permit has been issued and give to County (almost 2 weeks ago). Construction is proceeding. MAH is handling the conference calls.

08/07/08 – TEI submitted drawings for permit and copies of permit set to County and Andre for review and their records.

07/30/08 – TEI has been to the site several times getting additional field work for this project. Original load locations do not work for new kitchen equipment loads. 30 days panel load data is required. We will try to get permit on 3 day info.

09/05/08 – Permit obtained without metering. Work is in progress.