01/24/18 – Judi Boyko requests GBBN begin drafting Proposal/SOSS for Build out design services for scope of work requested in State Of Ohio Grant Application.  Copy of Grant Application emailed to GBBN.  GBBN requests same from THP and TEI.
02/02/18 – GBBN and TEI meet to discuss proposal scope and requirements for language to be contained in document.
02/04/18 – GBBN solicits  proposals for ADA Comprehensive Audit from potential consultants.
02/11/18 – GBBN also contacts potential Justice/Corrections consultants for Potential PEER  Reviews of design documents.
07/03/18 – GBBN submits SOSS based on recent meetings that have finalized all enabling projects to relocate existing staff, furniture and equipment.  GBBN completes updates to the Gantt Chart for the Progressive Project Approach.
07/25/18 – GBBN receives approved SOSS and Purchase Order.
07/26/18 – GBBN, Facilities and Sheriff meet to discuss logistics and update meeting schedule.
07/30/18 – TTE received approval for design, bidding and construction proposal from GBBN.
08/02/18 – GBBN completes updates to Gantt Chart, for the Progressive Process, adding Leadership Meeting Milestones, and forwards to Facilities.
08/20/18 – THP confirms existing shelf angle locations and construction details from original construction.  This exercise will assist the detailing and location of the new proposed security glass and glazing into the existing wall construction.
08/23/18 – TEI confirms existing MEP locations along existing long wall of proposed Recovery Unit for the purposes of locating proposed sloped ceilings.
08/23/18 – State of Ohio DRC responds to request for information concerning documentation of Enabling Project Scope within the JCC on this project.
08/27/18 – GBBN requests Room Naming protocol for the new Recovery Units and associated rooms inside.  Numbering has been discussed with Facilities and In4 internally at GBBN.
08/28/18 – GBBN meets internally to discuss design and footcandle measurement requirements for the new proposed Recovery Security Window sizes and locations.
08/29/18 – TTE has started updating our background drawings and we have finished our first pass at the final load calc for people and space HVAC loads.  We are working on the Ventilation Calculations next.
08/30/18 – GBBN, Facilities and Administration meet to discuss Media Press Release Packet of documents.
09/05/18 – GBBN and Facilities trade communications with the Sheriff about Room Naming and Numbering.
09/18/18 – GBBN, TEI and THP meet with the Sheriff’s Technical Committee for the Schematic Design phase approval.   Product selections and changes to the locker box design were made.
09/20/18 – TEI and GBBN perform field verification of all spaces affected by the scope of work.
09/24/18 – TEI sends sketches for proposed Second Floor work for plumbing under-floor work.
09/27/18 – TEI sent flush mounted SS temperature sensor cut sheets, we plan on replacing the pneumatic stats with DDC stats and new wiring in the wall, no wireless sensors unless there is absolutely no other way to make this work.  TEI ask unit prices for fixing DD boxes or replacing DD boxes if we find broken HVAC hardware.  TTC sent a new combo LAV/WC that has a smaller footprint to fit into the RR better.  We are adding trench drains to the door ways to the thresholds.  TEI asked about washer connections for security protection.
10/08/18 – GBBN and Facilities makes Press Package and Project Review presentation to BOCC.
10/22/18- GBBN and TEI send requests for information regarding shower mixing valve controls and Kiosk wiring logistics to the Sheriff.
10/22/18 – TEI sends to GBBN cut sheets on Floor Drain/sink, plumbing fixtures and plumbing routing information.
10/23/18 – Sheriff responds with answers to above.
10/24/18 – Facilities corresponds with State of Ohio ORC concerning Civil Rights Compliance.
11/14/18 – GBBN and TEI send State of Ohio Schematic Design approval drawings to Facilities for submission to the State Department of Rehabilitation and Correct.
11/27/18 – GBBN and TEI send updated Opinions of Probable Costs to Facilities.
12/19/18 – GBBN meets with Facilities to discuss State of Ohio submission and GBBN signs applicable portion of submission.
01/31/19 – Project is in review. Designers to wait until next approval phase to create DD documents and then CD documents a month later.
02/28/19 – Project is in review. We are waiting on State Review comments.
03/28/19 – Project is ins review. We are waiting on State Review comments and Grant Rebate information on this project. We could have information back on April 5 from the State.
04/21/19 – Facilities notifies GBBN of confirmation of proposed Schematic Design Meeting request from STate of Ohio.
04/22/19 – GBBN and Facilites agree 4/29/19 will be date for Phase 1 meeting, to be held in London, Ohio. Proposal is for Phase 2 and Phase 3 meeting, with State of Ohio Rehabilitation and Colrrection, has been tentatively agreed upon by the State.
06/24/19 – GBBN/TEI attend Discussion on Update of J.C. Build Out Schedule.
07/18/19 – GBBN meets with Facilities, to discuss restarting the design portion of this project. The goal is for Facilities, to have all future deliverables, related to the State of Ohio SD response packet, required from the design team, documented by August 1, 2019.
08/08/19 – GBBN confirms with KFI, additonal existing conditions from the Server Room door removal project from 2018. KFI recalls latch sides of the existing hollow metal door frame were not grouted solid, as if to leave future possibilities for electronic door hardware wiring to be added.
08/14/19 – GBBN informs design team all Rooom Numbers and Door Numbers have been added to the Base Floor Plan drawings. Door numbering forwarded to the Door Hardware Consultant.
08/15/19 – GBBN meets with Door Hardware Consultant for this project. Questions on door functioning are developed and later forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office for input.
08/15/19 – GBBN emails State of Ohio DRC with questions generated by Door Hardware Consultant related to Corrections Grade door hardware specifications.
08/27/19 – GBBN meets with THP, to finalize the Architectural-Structural interface. THP to generate additional structural detailing language, for inclusiion into the Architectural drawings.
08/28/19 – TTE committed to completing this project in September on owner deadline.
09/23/19 – GBBN recieved email, from Facilties Electrician, relating contact information, for exisitng electromechanical lockset replacement parts vendor. GBBN makes contact and is informed about matching locksets, both mechanical and electromechanical, and other peritnent vendors. Infornation is shared with TEI and Facilities.
09/24/19 – GBBN and TEI establish a meeting with the Sheriff to vist an existng LC to determine full am ount of racks and equipment to be housed in the new Pod Guard Post Obsevation desks. Meeting is set for 09/30/19 at 10:00 am.
09/25/19 – GBBN contacts Corrections hollow metal door and frame manufacturer. Details for door frame, doors, sidelights and vision windows are secured and documented.
10/25/19 – GBBN and TEI send Phase 2/3 Drawing and Specification hard copies to FAcilities for submission to the State of Ohio ODRC.
10/29/19 – GBBN delivers signed copies, of the ODRC Phase 2 and the Phase 3 Checklists, to Facilities, for transmission to the ODRC.
11/20/19 – The project teams finalizes a meeting with Christopher Darlington of the State of Ohio ODRC for the purpose of the final approval for the Phase 3 Bid Issuance.
01/30/20 – ARC must send a copy to Chris Darlington at the State for approval on this project when we issue. Grant funding and State of Ohio requirements has some additional language to be included.
02/13/20 – ITB#020-20 Bidding Documents issued to ARC Reprographics for review.
02/14/20 – ITB#020-20 Bidding Documents issued to Purchasing for BidSync uploading.
02/25/20 – Pre-Bid Meeting held at 9:00. North and South Buildings toured along with the JAX area of the Courthouse. Meeting Minutes to be authored and included in Addenda #1.
03/25/20 – Bids were opened today and appeared to be overbudget. Facilities asked the Partners to get more definition on the reasoning behind the overages and report back to the County. Facilities also indicated the BOCC will be issuing a resolution to reject all bids.
03/26/20 – GBBN has already called Triton Services, and has called scheduled for 10:30 with KFI and 11:00 with Graybach for today to discuss bid results.
06/25/20 – The County has requested a repricing for this job and updated for Covid and budget. GBBN, THP, TEI working on recollecting prices from scratch and verify availability for fourth quarter of 2020.
07/30/20 – Cost was submitted to commissioners and they are finding the money for the project. County directed us to repackage this project for last week of August to first week of September timeframe.
08/27/20 – BOCC agenda has this items on the agenda today. Rebid 9/3, Prebid 9/10 and Opened on 9/24.
09/24/20 – Rebid Project was started and this page Archived.  See JC Capacity & Recovery – REBID