06/27/17 – ThermalTech sends SOSS to facilities for approval.
07/25/17 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
08/28/17 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.
09/26/17 – Project approved at the 09/13/17 BOCC meeting. Upon receipt of the approved SOSS and PO, ThermalTech will schedule project kick off meeting.
10/25/17 – Project kick off meeting scheduled for 11/09/17 with facilities and Kevin Horn.
11/29/17 – TEI began the field investigation audit for the existing system on 11/28/17. Field investigation to be complete prior to Christmas break, and then work directly into the SD phase of the work.
01/22/18 – TEI has completed the SD and is well in the DD phase of the project. After the pre-construction meeting for the Kiosk and Matrix project – TEI to request a 60%review meeting with facilities and HCSO.
02/20/18 – TEI has design progress meeting with the HCFD and HCSO – and scheduled a follow up walk through of the building to confirm final camera placements on 03/01/18.  ThermalTech planning to issue final review set of drawings to HCFD by mid march for review.  Anticipate issuing for bidding approx early April upon reciept of review comments.  ThermalTech sends PDF of documents to HCSO after review meeting to send to State of Ohio for approvals.
03/27/18 – TEI walked the building to confirm the camera locations, and also discussed items of the system with Sheriff’s Office IT Dept.
04/25/18 – TEI scheduled a 100% final review meeting with HCFD and HCSO for 10:00 AM on 05/08/18.
06/27/18 – Project issued for bidding on 06/25/18.  Prebid conference scheduled for 07/12/18.  Bid opening scheduled for 07/26/18.
07/25/18 – Project is currently bidding.  Bid opening date extended 1 week and new bid opening will be 08/02/18.
08/29/18 – Project bids received, and were over the published budget.  ThermalTech. Facilities and HCSO meet on 08/28/18 to discuss scope and/or budget modifications.  ThermalTech schedules meeting on 09/11 with HCSO to review the proposed revised scope (=replacement of all existing analog cameras in building, maintain existing IP cameras in building, and add POD cameras only as base bid).  HCSO tasked with creating a priority for all requested additional cameras on the project.  Anticipate issue for re-bid 1st week of October 2018.
09/26/18 – TEI, HCFD and HCSO scheduled to meet to review revised package and also discuss dates for the re-bid on Friday 09/28/18.  Issuance for rebid pending meeting results.
10/23/18 – Project is out for bidding.  Prebid meeting scheduled for 10/30/18 at 10:00 AM.  Bids will be received at purchasing on 11/15/18.
11/28/18 – Project bids received.   TEI authors contract and sends to BW to get to prosecutor for approval.  Upon receipt of contract and PO. project will begin construction.  HCSO contacts TEI and requests information for State submission.
01/29/19 – Project approved by the BOCC.  PO and signed contract approved, and JN sent the pre-construction submittal checklist to DK for initiate the pre-construction submittals.  a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled and conducted in the next few weeks.
02/26/19 – TEI hosts construction kick-off meeting at the JC.  DK slated to mobilize immediately, however there will be 2-3 weeks of programming that will be performed off site.
03/26/19 – Construction is progressing.  All racks for switches are installed in the LCs.  There is a concern about tall individuals hitting their heads on the racks, and DK to install padding and yellow tape.  Fiber system being installed and progressing.  New NVRs installed in server room and burning in.  Camera’s will be switched out starting in the next several weeks.  Programming continues to progress “behind the scenes”.
03/28/19 – Make sure we hold off on doing new work in these spaces until we get approval from ODRC and Facilities gives us the green light that all approvals are in place; very important.
04/24/19 – ODRC indicates the HCSO (verbally) that the project is approved.  HCFD states get it in writing.  HCSO stated that they are meeting on Capacity project on Monday, and will ask for the signed letter in person on 4/29 if not received prior to the meeting.  DK continues to work on the project, infrastructure in the basement and first floors of both buildings. Once that is complete, they will be working up through the north tower first and then the south tower.  Anticipate that Stanley will be on site about the time that the first tower is completed to make the switch over.  DK is in constant contact with Stanley with this project.
05/29/19 – HCSO receives letter from ODRC with project approval.  JN from HCFD states that DK can proceed with the alternate work (in the Pods).  TEI authors CO for the inclusion of a doorbell in room 110 per the HCFD request.
06/26/19 – Camera system installation moving now, working on 3rd floor of north tower this week.  anticipate that the north tower will be complete (other than housing units) by middle of July, and the south tower by the middle of August.  Housing units will be completed in September for both buildings.  HCSO wanted to confirm that project will be complete prior to October 2019, as that is when the ODRC will be on site for annual inspections.  DK indicated that would not be an issue.  The HCSO is very happy with the resolution and quality of video data that they are getting on the new cameras.   The main comment at the const meeting was that there is a Night and Day difference in quality.
07/24/19 – North tower complete on Valerus system (except elevators and PODs),  South tower Basement, 1 and 2 complete (By the end of this week).  Stanley integration will be on site the week of 07/29/19 to upload and reprogram the PLC system so that all of the touch screens in the LCs and the Central Control booths are programmed for the new system and the work arounds that have been in place during the migration can be removed.  There was an issue where the video matrix units both lost power (power blip) and determined that these are not on building UPS power.  ThermalTech and Keith Otis met on 07/24/19 to evaluate solution.
08/27/19 – North tower 100% complete.  South tower upper 3 floors remaining.  Then elevator cameras and project ready for punchlist.  TEI and HCSO scheduled to perform punchlist on 09/05 and 09/06.
09/25/19 – ThermalTech conducts punch list for both towers.  Final meeting scheduled for 10/29/19 – all punch listed items should be completed by final meeting.
10/30/19 – TEI and HCSO meet for final construction meeting.  There were a few punch list items that are still incomplete.  TEI will email the team with the final comments.  DK to submit all closeout documents per the project manual and then the projects will be closed out.
12/11/19 – Upon receipt of the closeout documentation and as-built documents, the project can be closed out.
01/28/20 – TEI and facilities request schedule of closeout documentation from DK.  In progress.
02/26/20 – DK submits final signed off punchlist.  DK states that as-built and close out documents will be delivered to TEI for review/approval on 02/26/20,
03/26/20 – DK delivers As builts and O&M manuals to TEI for review.  TEI in process of reviewing.
06/23/20 – TEI finalizing CAD process for the As-Built drawings to submit to County.
07/29/20 – TEI to have N4 convert as-builts for the IFM system, and project complete.
08/21/20 – Project closeout pending pay application corrections from DK.
08/27/20 – BW said ready to archive.