04/20/18 – GBBN is contacted by Facilities to convert email with estimated General Services expenses into a formal SOSS. Facilities dictates that a formal SOSS be authored for the update of the Opinion of Probable Costs and Gantt Chart for the entire four pod configuration.
04/23/18 – GBBN authors and delivers SOSS to Facilities.
04/24/18 – Facilities, GBBN, TEI and Sheriff meet to discuss displaced offices and program spaces. Design decisions were rendered concerning pod designated uses and design concepts.
04/30/18 – Facilities creates new Archibus Project Request Estimates #1966 and #1967 for design team’s use.
05/08/18 – Facilities forwards approved SOSS and Purchase Order to GBBN.
05/14/18 – GBBN sends new typical pod layout (Kenton County style) to TEI for estimating.
05/15/18 – GBBN confirms existing Corridor items, Door Ballistic Ratings, OB/GYN Room requirements with Sheriff’s Office.
05/17/18 – GBBN confirms existing slab floor coating with Sheriff and Facilities.
05/17/18 – TEI receive security grade plumbing fixture pricing from vendor.
05/18/18- GBBN sends revised Pod layout with improved sightlines and Sally Port to Administration, Sheriff and Facilities. GBBN sends status report to Administration.
05/22/18 – /GBBN coordinates interior door estimating approach with Facilities for ballistic ratings.
05/29/18 – GBBN forwards completed Archibus Project Requests #1966 and #1967 along with associated Gantt Charts to Administration and Facilities.04/21/18 – GBBN receives input for SOSS from TEI and THP.
06/27/18 – GBBN prints off both Gantt Chart Schedules and both Project Requests (Phased and Progressive) for the meeting 6/28/18.