08/22/19 – THP provided SOSS.
08/28/19 – County approved SOSS.
09/26/19 – THP schedule to complete work in October.
10/18/19 – THP visited site to perform visual inspection of façade from grade and from roofs.
10/25/19 – THP visited site to rappel façade and perform close-up inspection.
10/30/19 – THP finalized draft of façade review report for Owner’s review.
12/12/19 – THP met AFR at site to confirm façade repair locations.
12/13/19 – THP met AFR at site to confirm completion of façade repairs and document locations.
01/03/20 – THP issued field report #19 for 2020 Auburn Ave. façade repairs.
01/21/20 – THP finalized and emailed letters to city about completion of façade repairs.
02/27/19 – Refer to F117 for status.