2/11/10 – HCFD meets at GBBN for USGBC Webinar and issues scope and request for SOSS for this project to be completed by 2010.

3/2/10-TEI submitted preliminary fee costs to GBBN.

3/8/10- GBBN began editing LEED EB+OM checklist based on 2009 LEED EB+OM manual.

4/8/10- Indoor Environmental Air Quality Webinar held in GBBN’s Office. HCFD presents Green Seal Environmental Standards, GS-36 and GS-37 printed literature to GBBN.

4/22/10- LEED EB+OM Checklist and Planning Session held in GBBN’s Office.

4/27/10- LEED EB+OM Checklist with responsibilities sent to HCFD.

4/28/10- Phase 1 Study SOSS to be presented to Bert Watts at monthly partnership meeting.

5/26/10- Signed and Approved SOSS returned.

6/01/10- Internal kick-off meeting with Tony Yunker to initiate the project. Coordination meeting with TEI to be scheduled upon Terry-Thompson Cannon’s return from vacation.

7/06/10- Tony Yunker produces Project Checklist Spreadsheet with lists of construction cost related notes.

7/22/10- Meeting with Bert Watts to discuss final report format and construction cost detail requirements.

8/20/10- Meeting at GBBN with ThermalTech to coordinate study input

8/26/10- Meeting with Darnell Edwards at 800 Broadway.

9/3/10- TEI meeting at GBBN to discuss progress and input into Introduction, Summary and Recommendation sections of the study.

9/30/10- Meeting with Ralph Linne, Bert Watts, GBBN and TEI to review study before final presentation.

10/28/10- Attended HCFD Partnership monthly partner meeting. Delivered LEED EB+OM Study for 800 Broadway