Partner: GBBN

Status: Inactive


04/12/10- An email from Bert Watts requested a Kick-off meeting with Bud Wells in Courthouse B-90. First Phase of three to be performed in2010 requiring SOSS submittal.

04/15/10- Kick-off Meeting held with Bud Wells and Bert Watts. Handouts included Survey Form, Project Activity Timeline, Charter for Space Utilization Study and Buildings to be incorporated into study.

04/27/10- Clarification emails from Bud Wells and Bert Watts answered questions related to SOSS.

04/28/10- SOSS to be submitted to Bert Watts at Monthly Partnering Meeting.

05/21/10- Signed and Approved SOSS returned. Email from Bert Watts indicates schedule is to commence 6/24/10- Archibus Drawings to be updated are sent to GBBN from Bert Watts. Progress is on hold until In4 completes all Archibus polyline revisions and Michelle Ray completes all reviews.

08/04/10- Attended kick-off meeting to change this SOSS to another masterplan for the 237 Internalization study.