10/20/11- Kick-off Meeting with Pinnacle and Facilities Department

11/04/11- Facilities Department sens list of buildings to be included in Asbestos Abatement Reporting.

3/30/12- Meeting with Tim Schue of Facilities Department to discuss Archibus Input Strategy

4/05/12- Meeting with GBBN and Facilities to discuss drawing format.

4/05/12- Pinnacle requests drawing files from GBBN.

4/05/12- GBBN sends pdf drawing files to Pinnacle Engineering.

5/10/12- Meeting with GBBN and Pinnacle to discuss drawing format for reports. Tony Matre’s request for ‘General Information Notes to occur on each floor plan are discussed.

6/11/12- GBBN set up conference call meeting with Facilities CAFM Department and CAFM Partner to be held July 3, 2012.

9/6/12- Bulk drawings received from Pinnacle.

9/24/12- GBBN completes bulk drawings and forwards to Pinnacle for use in final reports. GBBN requests final inventory drawing spreadsheets to allow completion of inventory drawings.

10/27/12- Pinnacle Engineering sent ACM list from Archibus/BRG for purposes of designation conversion from Pinnacle report to Archibus data entry.

02/26/13- GBBN inquires with Pinnacle for status of remaining documents to be sent to GBBN.

02/27/13- Pinnacle reports back that progress has been made and further timetable for receipt will be coming 2/28/13