05/04/11-Bert Watts notified GBBN of prospective project via email. GBBN requested to provide a budgetary estimate of scope and services. GBBN indicated the historic nature and requirements will require some research to determine scope of services.

05/09/11- GBBN spoke by telephone to Larry Harris of the City of Cincinnati Historic Conservation Department. Larry promise to perform preliminary research and call GBBN back the next day with input.

05/12/11- GBBN let voice mail with Larry Harris

05/15/12- GBBN contacts Beth Sullebarger about consulting on project with GBBN.

05/19/11- GBBN let voice mail with Larry Harris

05/24/11- GBBN let voice mail with Larry Harris

05/25/11- GBBN received call from Larry Harris. Memorial Hall is individually listed on the National Register for Historic Buildings. He was not certain if it is located in Historic District. Replacement of the windows is not advised but would require a like-match. Repair is recommended. Interior storm windows are allowed. The flooring is recommended to be refinished and not replaced. Tax credit financing will determine the direction of the County and the City for review and comment.

06/01/12- GBBN delivers hard copies of SOSS to Bert Watts.

06/21/12- GBBN meets with Pater Architectural to discuss their capabilities to replicate existing windows.

06/27/12- Beth Sullebarger reports results of personal visit to Pater Architectural manufacturing location.

07/23/12- GBBN assigns staff for project to Project Manager.

09/07/12- GBBN visits Pater Architectural to review historic window production for a similar project. Pater has similar project for a Courthouse window replacement in production in their shop.