by Champlin Champlin

06/14/19 – IPM and TTE Met County onsite for kickoff field trip for lease space renovation.
06/21/19 – CHA, IPM and TTE put proposal together and submitted to County for consideration.
06/25/19 – Split proposal up into SD & Estimating and CD & Bidding for consideration.
06/27/19 – Submitted new SD & Estimating SOSS to Facilities for approval. Based on the findings in the SD phase we will update the DD, CD, Bidding & CA SOSS later if the project moves forward.
07/24/19 – SOSS approved. Four week time clock has started. TTE has visiting the site and taken off additional plumbing, HVAC and electrical. Bert gave us the contact to do additional fieldwork at the site. One additional plumbing drawing was found on site.
07/25/19 – County stated today that the all disciplines must have permittable style SD documents to attach as exhibits to the lease.
08/28/19 – The team completed the SD phase and cost estimate and submitted to the owner for review. The cost was higher than expected and a value engineering meeting was held with Facilities and JFS. We removed the HVAC from the project, removed one restroom, changed some of the finishes in the space. We then we updated the floor plans, furniture plans, HVAC, Electric and Plumbing and uploaded the new drawings to Archibus. Finally we updated the cost estimate to match the new scope. We are awaiting review and approval by owner.
09/24/19 – No updates. We are waiting on funding and approval to move to next phase.
10/09/19 – Master lease between CMHA and the city is approved.  Project will move forward.
10/23/19 – DD set given to Hamilton County.
10/31/19 – Waiting on lease documents to City, waiting on approval to move forward on bidding.
11/01/19 – CD set scheduled to be given to Hamilton County. Bert gave us the background on using this space now and in the future. This may take some time to work this through the City process for DD drawings.
12/10/19 – CA attended walk through of Space with TTE, County, and Cincinnati to discuss scope of work.
01/30/20 – CHMA approved our proposed plan. The County needs this in writing so they can sublease this space and agree on amount of stay past end of lease. Bert said we are just getting through the administration stuff, the project is good to go in concept.
06/25/20 – Project on hold for now. RT will check on future feasibility.