10/12/10 – Driekast has replaced all the fixtures. The new ones are acceptable and exactly what we wanted.

09/29/10 – Driekast has provided prices for fixture replacement. Need a direction from Kevin on replacement work.

08/13/10 – BBN has offered the fixtures. Driekast is working on an install price.

07/23/10 – We offered to pay Driekast to install new fixtures if they can get the mfgr to furnish better hands free operators on Beckman. No updates on that progress.

05/26/10 – Fixture replacements still an issue. QCE closeout documents arrived this week.

05/10/10 – Terry contacted Dave about replacement fixtures at Beckman.

04/26/10 – Driekast has several items on the punchlist to complete, TTC and KM have to decide about their change order request. Hands free faucets wiggle, wiring has to be strapped down, balancing has to be addressed, they need to add balance dampers.

03/23/10 – Final punchlist has been sent to contractors. Final inspection is scheduled for Thursday. We have to resolve the air flow issues with the GC on this job in the new restrooms. We have to back check the work on the final punchlist, check with the owner and wrap up any final conditions for closeout and acceptance.

02/22/10 – Const Mtg on site. DC attended and back checked punchlist and took additional air flow readings to be distributed. Change order for heavy duty toilet submitted by Driekast and given to Kevin. The final phase is almost complete.

01/28/10 – Phase I is complete. Phase II is almost complete and will be ready to punchlist next week. Some change orders are in the works and we have discussed handicap water closets being WC-2 in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.

12/31/09 – Phase I is complete. Contractors are working over the break to cut the hallways for the new sink. We have approved the stainless warp around by Driekast for the new sink.

09/17/09 – All contracts have been typed and given to Kevin for prosecutor review.

08/25/09 – Bids have been received. Driekast was low plumber. QCE was low electrical. Butler County Electric was low General and Mech.

07/29/09 – This project has been sent out for bidding. Bid opening scheduled for 08/25. The prebid is scheduled for 08/11 at 2:30pm.

06/18/09 – TEI and CRA completed the design development review with the client. This project is scheduled be out for review back to the owner in mid July and bidding in late July.