09/21/09 – Kevin called with final comments on the final draft. TTC incorporated these and other comments into the final printing. TEI made 3 copies and mailed 2 of them to Kevin. Per Kevin’s request we will assemble the report into pdf format and email as well.

08/25/09 – Reports are due Sept 4 to Kevin Maue.

07/29/09 – All buildings have been visited. The reports are about 50% updated. Cost estimates, write-ups and grade cards remained to be inputted.

06/18/09 – TTC turned over the final Beckman report for Kevin to review. TTC spent a few days proving that the EH rate is the best rate for the County in these buildings. During this investigation, we found that several of the MRDD buildings are already on the EH rate but are also buying gas on the open market from a broker. TEI has visited Beckman, Northside and Franks so far and completed the field work. The Beckman report is complete. The Northside report is going to be sent to Kevin next. TTC will have Folck & Counts write up and estimate the Franks Adult Center report next week. Kevin said that we will be visiting the schools next. Try to get a date and time for Danny and Amy to do the next building.