07/28/09 – Peck dropped off O&M’s today for this project. TEi will review them and give them to kevin for Closeout.

06/23/09 – This project is complete. I am not sure if Kevin has received all his closeout documents, please check and confirm at monthly meeting.

05/22/09 – We are closing out the project with TJ Williams next week. All work is complete and we are down to closeout documents. the Substantial completion for this project is Feb 20, 2009.

04/15/09 – CR Architecture + Design awaiting final punchlist items to be completed and closeout documents.

04/10/09 – Back punchlist issued.

03/09/09 – TTC sent out punchlist for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing and finalized Allowance & Change Order Payments with the punchlist so the contractors had everything they needed to close out the project.

02/19/09 – Project was punchlisted yesterday. Punchlist due at the end of the week.

02/02/09 – TTC continues to attend const mtgs for TEI. TTC drafted a letter to TJ Williams outlining the problems with the licensed door operator. The letter states that TJ Williams is responsible for hiring the licensed sub-contractor per the drawings and specs. We are however going to try to minimize the cost to TJ of this extra work that we believe they did not have in their original bid.

12/23/08 – Const Mtg 9 shows we are ahead of scheduled. TEI needs to address the sink in room 47, the trench drain, the curve sink is on site, the junction boxes need to be t&m by tj.

11/24/08 – Phase II is complete. TEI must do a Phase II punchlist. Peck requested a sheave change on HV-1 to get new airflow. TEI approved and sent to Kevin. TEI completed new allowance change orders for TJ Williams and sent them to John Parfitt for approval. TJ Williams revised payapp was received.

10/16/08 – Phase I is complete. Phase II has begun. Trenching for new sink was this week. No reports after TTC clarification was given. We are hoping things go well.

09/10/08 – TTC contacted Carrigan & Grimm about WC-4 for this project. MRDD wants light lens on warehouse lighting. Phase 2 is first. Phase 1 is second. All permits are approved.

08/25/08 – HVAC and Plumbing submittals are complete. TEI sent back to contractors. Building & HVAC permits are ready. $2,769.87 for the building permit $1,045.45 for the HVAC permit.

08/22/08 – TEI sent permit drawings to the project team. TEI sent out all HVAC submittals back to PHB.

08/08/08 – No update on approved IBI permit for this project.

07/29/08 – TTC hand delivered third revision contracts to KM at MRDD. We are awaiting project kickoff.

Bids came in acceptable. Pre Award meetings are complete. Contractors are approved.