08/31/05 – Dave stated that JFS will hold onto the next Neyer pay applciaton unitl some additional work is completed at the site. TTC said that is fine, TE will forward on the next pay app.

08/18/05 – TTC talked to Ken Neyer today and they will send the pay app directly to ThermalTech for payment. I will hold or sign it and send to Dave at the end of the project.

08/11/05 – TE stopped by the site today and talked to Robert and inspected the work to date. The new “hot box” looks good. We agree that you would advised to put bollards around the new water service backflow preventer. The pad is much closer to the roadway than I had envisioned and at it is going to need to be protected from road traffic. The trenches for the new water line are too low in some areas and too high in others. I believe Neyer is coming back to grade more in a week after another rain or two. Part of the roadway is still unfinished and according to Robert they still have some work down at the Rec Center which in looking at the site down there, I tend to agree. It appears that their pay application % are fine to me for the work they have completed. I didn’t get inside the main office to check on the electrical work for the heat tape at the time of this field trip.

08/08/05 – As of last week, I know that the PC was on site performing all site work and routing all the material into the cottages. One questions was raised and answered by the JFS. We received the first payapp on the project. TTC to hand deliver on 08/09.

06/13/05 – TE received submittals from Ken Neyer. They will be logged and sent to Dave Woodside for his use and approval.

05/25/05 – TE had pre construction meeting today via a conference call. PC is scheduled to start in about 2 weeks. They will send submittals to TE today or tomorrow. Dave reported that the Grant is valid until May 2006.

04/19/05 – Dave Woodside reported that the prosecutor has approved the contract and it was sent to Ken Neyer on 04/19.

03/15/05 – Second bid opening is complete. Ken Neyer Plumbing was the apparent low bidder. His bid is so low that TE is questioning the validity of the bid. TTC called Ken Neyer, Jr. on both Monday and Tuesday to go over scope and get confirmation that the bid is valid. TTC left another voice mail at 8:00 p.m. in hopes that we can get an answer in the morning to pass along to Dave Woodside.

02/25/05 – Second Prebid Meeting was held. One contractor came to the prebid. No new questions were asked that required an Addendum. Bidding should proceed normally.

02/16/05 – Bid Opened and were rejected due to improper contact with the Engineer and no contractors accepted Addendum 2 which was officially released and received by all.

01/20/05 – Addendum 01 distributed.

01/19/05 – Prebid Mtg Complete. CWW contact Nancy Drexler agreed that during the city water upgrade if we provide a backflow preventer in the first office and feed the rest of the complex after the meter that this would the meet the requirements of the CWW for backflow prevention. TE will update the bid package to reflect this design change in Addendum 01.

11/04/04 – TE to provide an SOSS to Dave Woodside