Partner Lead: THP

04/13/12 – THP issue review drawings.

04/24/12 – County returned review drawings with comments.THP working on final bid documents.

05/09/12 – Bid documents issued.

05/17/12 – Prebid meeting occurred.

05/24/12 – Addendum 01 issued.

05/30/12 – Bid opening occurred. The apparent low bidder is within budget including the alternate work. THP to review bid and make recommendation. Architectural Maintenance under contract with the County.

07/31/12 – Preconstruction meeting scheduled.

07/31/12 – Preconstruction meeting complete.

08/30/12 – Submittals completed.

09/10/12 – Work started.

10/30/12 – Roughly 80% of work complete. Complete date projected to be early November.

11/14/12 – Work complete and THP issued punch list. Punch list complete.

11/26/12 – Punch list complete and final pay application minus retainage.

01/3013 – Architectural Maintenance working on warranties and coordinating with manufacturers.

02/13/13 – Architectural Maintenance submitted warranty paper work. THP reviewed and corrections are required. THP working with Architectural Maintenance.

03/06/13 – Joe Feldkamp reported a leak related membrane work completed during the 2012 project.

03/07/13 to 3/20/13 – THP reviewed the condition over multiple days during rain and snow. A number of condition exist that may be contributing to a leak. THP to review with County.

03/28/13 – Project Update – THP reviewing updated warranty paper work and final pay application.

04/11/13 – THP issued new drain sketch for pricing to Architectural Maintenance.

04/16/13 – THP issued proposal from Architectural Maintenance to install the new drawing to the County for review.

04/23/13 – THP issued Change Order #002 to install a drain and repair damaged grout at the elevator door jamb on sixth level.

05/30/13 – Drain and lines installed from CO #002. Minor sealant to be installed then work complete.

06/25/13 – THP issued a small punch list to Architectural Maintenance for work related to change order #2.

08/29/13 – Project complete.