Project Lead: ThermalTech

06/25/13 – Drawing complete

04/10/13 – TTC met Dan on site and walk the scope. TEI owes Bert the SOSS for the work to be done internally and permitted by TEI.

05/24/13 – Approved SOSS received. Design has begun.

08/19-13 – Permit is approved with comment. Blue Chip has sent an invoice to ThermalTech for payment which we will pay and reimburse. We may need to install a backwater valve between the interceptor and the main sanitary drain line in the Sheriff Patrol HQ. TTC to find elevations on site survey that he thinks he has from Tom Speer for this area and give to permit office.

09/26/13 – All permit questions answered. Permit approved. Stamped drawings provided to County for work.

10/15/13 – Dan says interceptor is ordered but will be installed next season.

06/20/14 – Multiple Record drawings created and stamped and dropped off to County for plumbing dept approval. We believe the interceptor is installed and working and approved by the County Plumbing Dept.

07/30/14 – Checked on permit status. City website says Permit not approved but final inspection

09/25/14 – Blue Chip contacted to initiate permit closeout. Additional fees requested and approved by TEI, BC says final permit closeout is started and should be finished in a week or two according to Kathy at Blue Chip.

10/23/14 – Project and Permit are both final and closed out. Website list permit as “Final”