Lead Partner: TTE

06/24/15 – TTE requested support for Heliport project and THP providing budget numbers for SOSS. ThermalTech updated SOSS to deliver at Partner Mtg on Thursday.

07/22/15 – Bert watts requests SOSS from TEI (with THP as sub) for relocation of existing fuel E-Stop which is in a bad location and makes take-off and landing difficult. Also want to relocate the windsock to a location that is more visible on approach for landing. Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

02/23/16 – Revised SOSS submitted to Bert Watts this week for approval. Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

03/29/16 – Project pending approval of SOSS and PO.

04/27/16 – Project PO and signed SOSS received. ThermalTech to provide drawings suitable for “Safety Inspection” for IBI inspection of work.

05/25/16 – TEI meets with Rocky Mullins at the Heliport to review work completed. TEI working to complete the plans for IBI review and approval.

06/27/16 – TEI sends BW for review and comments. ThermalTech receives BW’s TTU to proceed. TEI to coordinate with IBI and Sheriff’s staff for Safety Inspection.

08/23/16 – TEI, Rocky Mullins and IBI meet at project site for safety inspection. The inspector passed the inspection contingent on the relocation of the junction box inside the attic to eliminate the 8″ +/- of SO Cable inside of the building. Mike Barth communicated this information to John Nester – and John Nester initiated a work order to correct the issue. Project complete otherwise.

09/28/16 – Project ready to archive.