Project Lead: GBBN

09/30/14- GBBN receives email invitation to visit Patrol Headquarters to investigate addition for a Kennel and to investigate an operable partition renovation to the Comm. Center.

10/07/14 – Met at site for field kickoff meeting. Got tentative layout from deputies on site. Two cost estimates are required. With and without Trades doing work.

10/07/14- GBBN receives email from Bert Watts about estimate project requests created in Archibus for estimating.

10/09/14- GBBN sends first iteration of Patrol Headquarters Kennel addition floor plan to Facilities and TEI for review.

10/14/14 – ThermalTech spoke with Hamilton County Plumbing Department and MSD to confirm no special plumbing requirements are necessary for the trench drain outlet at this project. A removable cover trench drain wit interior FD cap was requested by Plumbing Dept. ThermalTech to update estimate.

10/15/14- GBBN completes estimate for Patrol Headquarters Kennel addition.

10/16/14- GBBN receives comments and suggested floor plan revisions for the Patrol Headquarters Kennel estimate.

10/20/14- GBBN sends updated Patrol Headquarters Kennel floor plan to TEI and Facilities for review and estimating.

10/20/14 – Received updated Kennel drawing. Estimate needs to be updated in Archibus for both projects 1771 and 1772. We will need two Mitsubishi type units, one for the office and one for the main kennel area.

01/30/15 – Facilities Department requests GBBN and TEI revise preliminary plans based on Sheriff’s Department review comments and to update estimates in Archibus.

02/04/15 – GBBN and TEI notifies Facilities the preliminary plans and Archibus estimates have been revised and updated.

02/14/15 – Preliminary design costs sent to Facilities at their request.

03/25/15 – Project on hold.

04/07/15 – Project still on hold.