03/23/06 – TTC spoke to John Wagner of Moody’s today and here is where the problem is: the actual repairs cost $15,573 not $6573, the 6573 +the 9000 already paid = the total cost of repairs on this job. This means that they are still giving you back $4427 on the job. John outlined this in a letter in September which I am having faxed to me. With this information, I will redo the paperwork and send it up to John for use on completing this project. I have to write a new change order, allowance usage and final pay application to make all the numbers work out right.

03/20/06 – TEI received final paperwork on this project today from Moody’s. This will be forwarded to Joe for payment on this project. TEI to begin phase II service contract immediately.

02/16/06 – Moody contacted TEI to request AIA forms. TTC sent them out in US mail for their use. They should complete these, notarize them and get them back for closeout.

02/06/06 – After an inquiry by Sam Kinman, TTC found the payapps sent to ThermalTech for approval. They were approved by Sam on 11/21/05. The problem is that they are not on AIA invoices which means there is no where for TTC approve. Assuming they are approved by TTC on these forms, the Contractor still has not turned in standard county documents for project closeout. TTC will forward a copy to Moody’s and ask for return of these documents. TTC completed a full packet of information required and mailed to Moody’s today via US Mail. TTC will follow up with a phone call today as well.

11/30/05 – Sam Kinman reported today in an email back to TTC that the deep well pump replacement job is complete. Since TE wasn’t used very much during construction, TTC assumes the punchlist is fine and no additional work needs to be done. TTC will archive the project from the database and closeout the project number. TE has never received a payment to approve, nor the final County paperwork to approve for that payment, nor manage any of the allowance monies. All this will need to be done before the project is closed out in the County’s books.

08/08/05 – TTC contacted the County about status of the Deep Well Pump Contracts. The previous entry does not state that the contracts were sent to PBS.

07/18/05 – Bid were opened. Moody was apparent low bidder at about $29,400. $20,000 in Alternates can be taken (ALT #1 and ALT #3). TE has contract written for $49,400 and will give 4 original copies to PBS for approval with Board. Bid PDF

07/05/05 – TTC worked on July 4 to get Addendum 2 complete and sent it out for distribution. PDF

06/27/05 – TE worked on Add01 and it will go out to the Contractors on 06/28/05. PDF

06/13/05 – TE sent out Project Manual for bidding. PDF

06/06/05 – Comments received from Sam and John Wagner of Moody in Dayton. TTC will update Project Manual and prepare for bidding ASAP. PBS talked about including a 3-year service contract on top of the bid. TE has done these in the past and can add this scope to the project if so directed by the County for bidding. This would be an engineering scope change to this project but it makes very good sense to include it now (12 hours x $80 = $960) and that includes the contract modifications for the Alternate bid to take optional years.

06/01/05 – Comment received from Joe and Eric. Nothing from Sam yet.

05/30/05 – TTC sent a project manual out for review over the weekend to PBS and County. Once comments are received, TE will distribute to public for bidding. All dates must still be coordinated with HamCo Purchasing.

05/26/05 – TTC contacted Moody’s for some specific questions about parts replacement. The Project Manual is built for front end. TTC needs to add dwgs and mechanical section. Bid Form needs to be modified for this job.

05/17/05 – The team had serious discussions about project schedule today. PBS re-iterated their concern about flooding. TE provided a timetable for construction that appeared not to be acceptable to PBS. TE had discussions with JF about project and will try to speed up project manual creation significantly to lessen risk. It is TE’s belief that County Purchasing has already decreed that this project does not meet Emergency Status.