02/02/07 – After many contract revisions, phone calls and problems, the Prosecutor finally allowed preventative only maintenance contract that Kerry wrote and gave back to everyone to use. Other repairs and emergency repairs must be bid our as prevailing wages. TEI does not and will not every agree with this approach. We took prices for many other services to save the County money but those were not accepted as part of this job by Hamco Prosecutors office.

01/10/07 – TTC got Kerry’s new email address and forwarded the revised contract to her for any final changes that she would like to make. Kerry confirmed that the packet was received at her office.

01/08/07 – TTC hand delivered the final contract with Kerry’s marks to security for Jenny and Joe to pick up and resubmit to the Prosecutor’s Office.

12/26/06 – TTC will finalize the deep well pump contract this week.

03/29/06 – TEI has not heard from Daktronics with a registered service repair list yet so I called and got Greg’s email and sent him the request again.

03/21/06 – TEI finished the SOSS and will drop it off at the HamCo Facility Department on Wednesday for this project.