03/20/06 – Joe approved TEI’s cost on the ECO for Sound project. This project is officially complete and ready to be archived.

11/30/05 – After speaking with City Permit office they confirmed that TE did pay for these permits. TTC called Randy this morning and told him that these permits were paid for on 10/18/05. TTC is awaiting a call back to clear this up.

11/25/05 – Randy Campion called to inform TE that there is a remaining balance on these permits. TTC called the city to see what that cost was because TE has already paid for the new permits with a check. Once this is cleared up Randy will send new Certificates of Occupancy.

10/18/05 – All revisions have been accepted and approved by the City. New permits costs = $354.00. New occupancies have been set to 1021 (East Club) and 986 (West Club). According to Randy Campion once the permit is paid for, which TTC did today, the permit will close and information will be sent to Fire Dept. They will issue a new occupancy for private club events. to PBS.

09/28/05 – The City received all the information from Cole & Russell but need it properly inserted into the permit dwg sets. TTC will stop at the permit office and manually do this on Friday or earlier if possible.

09/20/05 – After the City sent the letter emailed by TTC to PBS yesterday requesting additional egress information, TTC talked to Cole & Russell about this information. C&R believes that they already have all that information collected from the sliding door project and will call Carl Graeber and discuss directly with him. They can get all that information to the City on Friday or early next week. TTC will check back with city and C&R about progress at that time. We believe the city will accept this and process the permit app immediately thereafter for final inspection.

09/08/05 – TTC contacted city. Permit should be reviewed by 09/13/05. TTC will check back at that time.

08/25/05 – The permit is still being reviewed by the City. TTC will continue to check on status.

0815/05 – TTC met Randy Campion at the PBS site on Monday, Randy approved the 821 and 851 increased occupant load and will sign the CO paperwork and send it to PBS. After the meeting, PBS said that the 30% OA was not a problem so that they want even higher occupant loads. TTC turned in another set of prints with the higher numbers of 986 and 1021. The city made us turn in for all new permits: 2005P06669 and 2005P06670.

07/18/05 – City called with Approved Permit numbers today. Permit was split up into 2 permits 2005P05544 AND 2005PO5589 ($284). TTC will pick-up permit on Tuesday morning. Inspector, Randy Campion has to come to the site to approve and give us a new CO for the space. This will be coordinate with HamCo & PBS in the next couple of weeks.

06/30/05 – TTC got GD to sign occupancy permit drawings in regards to HVAC OA requirements. TTC submitted for permit. Permit # 2005P05544. TTC informed all parties that permit can be checked at www.cincinnati-oh-gov at anytime. Amit was also promoted to Project Manager, so we are unclear if he will review this permit.

06/16/05 – Eric called today and TTC reported that Amit had returned one of his phone calls stating that he was seriously behind in permit reviews. With that knowledge, TTC stated that we should just go ahead and subject a revised CO application and talk to him them as opposed to conferencing in with him early.

06/06/05 – TTC sent an email outlining TE’s field findings to Joe, Sam and Eric. TE need direction from PBS to proceed on next level or work.

06/03/05 – Sam Boehringer of TE collected field data to update actual occupancies of the space.

05/25/05 – Eric Brown setup a meeting with the CFD department about occupancy requirements of the club level space.