03/29/06 – TTC reviewed the billed KW and KWH to the PBS Pro Shop and the numbers looked good. The pro shop is using less than 1% of the total power consumed at the building.


50.91 21,863

34.91 28,950

79.91 25,448

59.28 16,077

72.30 14,661

63.67 16,528

53.30 4,166
02/01/06 – TTC check on the meters and to review monthly billings at the site. The meters appear to be reading in the Megawatts which seems really high at first glance. TTC to reconcile with actual building data.

11/16/05 – TA visited the site today. Reviewed punchlist and determined that Bond Electric has not completed the issues described on the punchlist. TE called Bond to tell that them that can’t get paid until these items and the final paperwork is complete.

11/15/05 – As-Built drawings for this job were turned over to Wayne Trent of HamCo Facilities today.

06/17/05 – Const Mtg was held at PBS. Sam did not attend. Equipment is not on site yet but Bond is ready to get to work as soon as it arrives.

02/28/05 – Purchasing called to inform TE that Bond does NOT have a performance bond or check submitted for this project. We should not let them begin work without this paperwork in place. TA to confer with Jack Boland today and emphasize the need for this check immediately.

02/10/05 – Contracts and Bid Results are in County’s hands. TE awaiting further direction on this project.

11/17/04 – Bid Results

10/12/04 – Project is out for bidding.

Addendum#1 distributed.

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