03/21/06 – TEI asked for an engineering change order which covers extra time spent by ThermalTech during the construction phase and occupancy permit time on this project. Joe said he signed it and went on to his boss Eric Stuckey. This project is officially complete.

02/13/06 – TTC finally approved the closeout documents, final pay applications # 6 & 7 and as-built drawings for this project. The only thing left is TE request for additional payment.

12/02/05 – TE requested a revised final payapp reflecting $6200 change order that was approved for the north end zone speakers. All final paperwork and as-builts have been received from Durrell in hard copy and CD. TTC made a copy of this information and is sending all originals to Joe Feldkamp for his use included 3 binders of O&M’s required by spec. TE will have have a hard copy of the 1/2 sized dwgs, just the CD.

11/30/05 – Chris Schaeffer called to inform Terry that the County reached settlement with Ed Simon and his lawyer’s and that a court appearance would not be needed.

11/28/05 – Upon final check the sound system is working, the new speakers are installed and working and the final paperwork has all arrived including the as-builts for this building. TTC has to write an engineering change order for ThermalTech’s Extra Time and WJHW Extra Time on this project and submit it for payment for the year 2005.

11/14/05 – Durrell and TJ’s total change order totaled $6200 ($5600 + $600). Joe Feldkamp approved. TTC confirmed with both contractors. Chris Horrell and Scott have scheduled Durrell’s visit for this Wed 1/16/05. Work to be completed by Thursday. TE shall send out the hard copy paperwork to all vendors.

11/10/05 – TTC was contacted by Chris Schaeffer about a possible court appearance in December over the bidding of this project. TTC discussed County bidding procedures and current ORC requirements for bidding and how the Sound Engineer, Audio Contractor and Electrical Contractor was selected for this project.

09/12/05 – Pay Application #4 is being resent to TE. TTC will approve and send to County for payment. TJ delivered payapp to TE today.

09/08/05 – TTC emailed contractors about closeout for project and punchlist. Sound was excellent last Friday when TTC went to the Colts-Bengals preseason game. TTC sat in section 315 and was impressed with quality of sound and clearness of PA announcer.

08/09/05 – Durrell reported that, Tom and I went over these items and will have most knocked out this week prior to this weekends game. What will be left will have to do with getting QSC down to make the cosmetic changes to the amplifier control system to make it that much more user friendly and correctly control the amplifiers that are being displayed.

08/08/05 – TTC coordinated the final change order amounts with TJ Williams and will modify the change orders for final signing today. Both change orders are complete. TTC will deliver them by hand to PBS tomorrow and try to get Bill Meyer to stop down and sign them. Punchlist was compiled and emailed out to contractors (hyperlink below).

08/01/05 – WJHW and Durrell completed the punchlisting work. Ron Baker is going to send the punchlist to TTC for distribution. TTC talked to Scott Simpson about items that he needed added from his end and left a message for Joe about his items. The consensus appears to be that everything is very nearly complete and everyone is very happy. Hopefully this will lead to a quick closure and a working sound system ready for the season in a very short time period.

07/19/05 – We have reached resolution on the PBS Sound Change Orders. Amy will approve change order #1 8855.00 for the countertops and change order #2: 2,060.74 for restocking fees from TJ. TE will write the new change orders for these amounts and send them to TJ for signatures and then onto JF for signatures by the County. WJHW and Durrell have scheduled the Engineering Commissioning for this project on 07/27 thru 07/29. TTC will be out of town on Wednesday but will assist on Thurs/Fri as needed. Punchlist should be fine as Durrell and Scott Simpson have been working hand in hand during the project. TE and WJHW will supervise and TE will try to set up and Const Mtg on Friday for a final update on progress before we start the as-built drawings for this job. Durrell reported by email on 07/18/05:

Last week Durrell got all the speakers working (with only two exceptions) and wired to the correct amplifiers. The West amp room is complete, all racks laced and cleaned, all amplifiers working. The East we ran out of time Friday, but we have all amplifiers working with the correct speakers, we need to spend one day lacing up and minor cleaning.

We found one 2″ driver not working on the East side that will have to be accessed and one crossover on a full range speaker on top of the north end zone – each will require one day’s work.

The west club area is finished and working and the east is about two hours away (got held up due to a wedding party).

The control room is up and working. We had a MediaMatrix card fail (used backup for tuning) and Scott Simpson has to provide us with info where to mount the two computer screens and the Volume meter, both minor installs. The console and all the other equipment is in a functioning correctly including the software upgrades. We want to rebuild the control block that exist for the control screens for QSControl – some coordination will need to exist between Scott Simpson, Tom Moores and we would like Ron Baker’s input – when the commissioning is done.

Durrell will schedule two days prior to WJHW’s coming to PBS for their commissioning to be sure all of these minor items are finished. We are waiting on Ron Baker for that date (date has been set see above)

07/08/05 – Eric Stuckey, Joe Feldkamp, Diana Craynon and Bill Meyer called today to inform me that the change order has be stopped and no work will be done on it and it is most likely canceled until later. We informed TJ Williams and TTC is supposed to cancel Monday’s field trip to work on it.

07/05/05 – TTC emailed Eric Stuckey the final Change Order #01 cost including the cabling and the countertop for approval. PDF. TTC met Chris Schaeffer, Scott Simpson, Steve Durr, Sam Kinman and Ed Simon and his associates downtown today to supervise a field visit and walk through with the County for the County lawsuit.

06/27/05 – TTC sent out CD’s to HamCo for law suit.

06/23/05 – TJ Williams sent the revised ACO out today. PDF. Terry and Joe asked for TJ to redo the change order to reelect the credit that the County will be receiving in place of the speaker parts that won’t be installed. TTC and JF will then talked to Amy about writing a change order to finish the project off with the cabling upgrade. The Const Mtg verified that many, many of the issues with the speakers were resolved by fixing wiring and termination points. ThermalTech believes that by knowing this it is a fair inference that the 3000 foot cable splices are probably not infallible.

06/22/05 – Const Mtg #02 was held. Durrell reported that all base work is complete except for software upgrade on MM. Durrell offered to do all the CO work except for the cabling for the $50,000 allowance. TTC agreed that this work be a fair barter. We decided to accept the countertop change order from jb schmitt. We will pursue a change order to get the cabling issue taken care of this year and Joe and TTC will talk to Amy about it after TJ provides an update T&M price NTE for the work.

06/16/05 – TTC visited the site earlier in the week with JB Schmitt and they turned in a quote today for the new countertop work at PBS. TTC forwarded the quote to the team for a decision. Countertop = $5695.00 and New Window = $3160.00.

06/06/05 – Durrell sent an email request Topper be added to all correspondences on this project. TE forward to Joe Feldkamp for approval. PDF.

05/31/05 – TE tried to reach WJHW for a conference call to discuss moving forward with additional bidding on Change Orders for this project. CO# 2 and CO# 4 are significant and may have to be bid out separately. TJ Williams called today to see about CO approvals. TTC sent the Allowance email to Bill Meyer. TTC should have sent last week when it was approved but somehow that didn’t happen. TE and WJHW still need to talk to Joe about Club Level work and scope.

05/24/05 – TE issued a recommendation letter to PBS about Change Orders for this project. TE spoke to Durrell and told them they must proceed with scheduling on the assumption that the Change Orders # 2 and # 4 are not approved. The County will issue a formal approval as soon as it can. This may lead to scheduling conflicts later near substantial completion but bidding and change order policies must be adhered to for this project. PDF

05/17/05 – Consultants and JF are in consultation about approving change order request. TE has requested direction from their sub WJHW on what is essential and what is not. First TJ payapp is approved and sent to JF.

05/11/05 – TJ submitted 5 change orders today to the project. PDF TE setup a construction meeting for Thursday at 1:30 p.m. to discuss project progress. TJ contracts are signed and in security for contractor to pick up.

04/27/05 – Contract has been approved by the Commissioners. TTC advised the contractors that the contract and PO would soon be in their hands. TE and WJHW will have subs complete by the end of the week.

04/26/05 – WJHW has submittals for AV work on the job. TE has reviewed the submittals fro EC compliance and found no errors so we will approve them with “No Exceptions Noted” to that end, we have told TJ the same. TJ inquired about contract approval and TE told them Wed at Board meeting, we should know. Please advise us when you hear information about Contract.

04/22/05 – TE received submittals for TJ yesterday. TE is checking for EC items. TE shipped one to WJHW for AV items. TE has delivered all dwgs and specs to TJ for permit application. JF reported that contract is in front of board for approval on 04/27/05. Everyone is still working at their own risk to date. Durrell has sound system working in bowl for weekend draft picks. County Prosecutor asked for some video footage of splice problems in the amp rooms. PBS reported that some have been fixed but other still remain to be documented and that Durrell may know best which ones to document. JF and TTC communicated about this pre-work in email PDF.

04/19/05 – TE sent out an email stating the Durrell may be doing some additional work in the Club levels that is above the scope of work outlined in the contract. Monies for this work shall be determined later.

04/18/05 – TJ sent their employee list into the County for this project. PDF. JF reported that contracts have been submitted and the project is up for Board approval on 04/27/05.

04/12/05 – TE had TJ resign new contracts forms and delivered to Kerry Dowling for approval. Kerry said that she would sign these on 04/11/05 and TE would have City Dash pick up the newly signed contracts and have them delivered back to Joe Feldkamp for submission to the County Commissioners for approval. TE sent 3 sets of dwgs to Dallas for WJHW to sign for TJ to turn into IBI for permit sets. TE and JF told TJ at the pre construct mtg on 04/11/05 that all work done by Durrell and TJ before receiving the contract and the PO is “at your own risk” type work.

02/23/05 – TE delivered contact to Joe Feldkamp. TTC and JF discussed contractor over phone and coordinated paperwork due to prosecutor. JF will submit contract for prosecutor review. TE will hold on notification to contractors until all paperwork is finalized. TTC would like to see 2 week turnaround in contract to keep scheduled intact.

02/22/05 – TE has received all required bid paperwork and finalized the Contract. Contract, Drawings, Spec Books and Drawings will be sent to Joe Feldkamp today.

02/16/05 – County and PBS indicated to proceed with Base Bid and Alternate 2 for this project.

02/16/05 – TTC and WJHW discussed the Alternates from the bids and are basically recommending that the County accept Alternate # 2 at this time and wait on Alternate # 1 because of the unknown variables included with updating the system. TE recommends fixing all the existing problems first before adding a new layer of master control that my contribute new and undiscovered problem of us to troubleshoot in the field plus upgrading to the BIAMP system will add additional dollars to the existing SOSS as this is a scope change for engineering (WJHW is working on an adder price). We will write the contract with Alternate #2 for the time being.

02/08/05 – Bids opened. TJ Williams appears to be the low bidder. TE has contacted contractor for additional paperwork and will begin contract work immediately. County needs to provide a signed bid evaluation form with Alternate recommendations for contract.

01/25/05 – Addendum 3 distributed. Durrell asked a new question for Addendum 4. The bid was extended to February 3, 2005.

01/21/05 – TE coordinated with WJHW and County to extend bid date one week and to send out Addendum 03 on Monday with updated information for bidding and alternate. Purchasing Department instructed TE to contact ICB Audio via email about non-inclusion into the accepted bidder’s list for this project.

01/20/05 – TE distributed Addendum 01 on 01/11/05 and Addendum 02 on 01/20/05. Addendum 03 should come out on 01/21/05. TE has written a rejection letter and given it to Purchasing to give to ICB as they do not meet the Professional Stadium Experience Requirement on this project. The SoundCom qualifications have been sent to WJHW for review and we are currently waiting on SoundCom to confirm a couple of questions about which office will serve this project but they most likely will be approved for bidding as they do meet the quals. TTC asked if the bid should be extended since SoundCom is being added. TE is awaiting the County’s decision. The second prebid was attended by about 8 contractors. Muzak declined to bid and left the prebid after we stated that OEM equipment must be used for repair.

01/19/05 – Prebid is finished. Addendum # 01 wads distributed. Addendum # 02 is going out tonight. Addendum # 03 is scheduled out tomorrow. ICB will not be an approved vendor. TE has to provide a letter to Purchasing for the use, modify and send.

01/14/05 – Joe Feldkamp called to inform TE that because the prosecutor wants a firm number for cost to provide as-built drawings that we can change the bid for to add an alternate to have the AV contractor provide a complete set of as-builts encompassing the entire scope of work at the stadium. TE shall modify the bid form accordingly.

12/24/24 – TE invited Audio Specialist Contractors. Project Manual is on the street, on schedule. Prebid set for January 5th. WJHW will be in town for the prebid. Everything appears to be set for bidding att his time.

11/04/04 – TE found and sent the AV drawings to WJHW today. Final design is still scheduled for final delivery on 12/08/04.

10/25/04 – WJHW sent an informal report from the field trip last week. PDF

10/19/04 – TE, WJHW, PBS and HamCo had a meeting and set the following schedule for this project (see below)

10/19/04 – TE and WJHW met onsite with the owners and ironed out the scope of the project, schedule of the project and the expectations of the project. WJHW will begin design and target first week of December for final engineering documents. TE will release minutes in a follow up email. Contract will be bid to a local EC with a Audio Specialist assigned as a sub.

10/15/04 – TE will meet WJHW onsite on Tuesday for kickoff meeting. WJHW will be onsite late Monday afternoon. They have coordinated their time with Scott Simpson.

ThermalTech solicited consultant bids and wants to team with WHJW from Texas for this project.

Conference call on August 17 between Eric Brown, Bob Bedinghaus, Joe Feldkamp and Terry Cannon with WHJW was held to discuss itemized consultant cost and scope of consultant work on this project.

TE is awaiting a signed SOSS from the County.

The County is awaiting a one page report from WHJW outlining the added benefits of using WHJW on top of the Durrell report.

Project scheduled to be signed in August 04, Designed in Sept – Oct 04, Bid Nov 04, Awarded in Dec 04, Construction Jan 05.