12/19/07 – Nor Comm has provided the AIA closeout paperwork, warranty letter and payapps. TTC signed and City Dashed it to Joe Feldkamp. This project is complete.

09/03/07 – TTC has received and approved the O&M’s. TTC is hand delivering the box of O&M’s and final payapp to PBS tomorrow at 9am at the Deep Well Pump prebid.

08/28/07 – TTC contacted Nor-Com again about final payment via email with a Read Receipt.

08/20/07 – Nor-Com contacted Joe today about final payment. TTC emailed Joe back station what happened to Payapp #2 as listed below. To date, we have not received any additional paperwork.

07/02/07 – TTC has contacted Howard Milkis and Nor-Com several times for closeout on this project. No response to TEI. TTC will try to contact the office directly today and find out how we are going to close out this project.

05/14/07 – PBS did not use TEI service much at all on site during this project. TEI has been in contact with Joe and Scott numerous times during construction as things were going well. TEI contacted owner today for punchlist and closeout items for Nor Comm. As far as TEI knows, this project is complete.

03/30/07 – TE received submittals for review and promised to work on them this week. Nor-Com has a schedule forthcoming.

03/16/07 – Scott and Joe held a kickoff meeting. TTC to follow up and publish some const mtg notes this week. A second Const Mtg is to be scheduled. PBS would like TV in before draft day.

02/13/07 – All contracts and information is in the Prosecutors office for review. Comments have been added and the contract should be approved very soon. TEI provided a copy of the bid results to Kerry Dowling per her request last week. Joe Feldkamp is following up with the Prosecutor Office.

01/30/07 – TEI finished the revised contract and returned it to PBS for use on this project. Now TEI is waiting for approval and signatures to move into a pre construction meeting.

01/10/07 – TTC hand delivered the contract based on the Base Bid cost to Joe for submission to the Prosecutor’s office. TTC included a $2500 allowance in the project after the bids were opened.

12/26/06 – TTC will finalize the deep well pump contract this week.