by Champlin Champlin

06/24/19 – Krutarth and Christy from Champlin meet with County Facilities and P&D Garage manager to review scope of work on-site
07/02/19 – Christy from Champlin sends concept sketch and scope of work description to Bert Watts for his review
07/18/19 – Christy from Champlin met with County Facilities and PD Garage manager to refine scope of work in CAB building
07/24/19 – Christy from Champlin sends preliminary SOSS to Bert Watts for his review for SD scope of work and cost estimating
07/25/19 – TTC created category and Champlin drafted SOSS for SD and Cost Estimates.
08/22/19 – Christy from Champlin sends revised SOSS to Bert Watts for his approval for SD scope of work and cost estimating, revised to include THP
08/28/19 – TEI created preliminary HVAC load calcs and HVAC upgrades prior to the job starting to make sure the existing equipment can be reused if this project moves forward. It is our belief that the existing air handler can be reused with a new VAV with Elec RH for this job.
09/20/19 – SOSS is approved via email from Jessica Powell.
09/24/19 – No updates on this project from ThermalTech this month.
10/16/19 – Meeting w/ Jessica Powell, Mohammad Islam, Bruce McClain & Greg Smorey at P&D Garage to review SP-02.
10/21/19 – Champlin issued SP-03 plans in response to meeting comments.
10/23/19 – Greg commented on SP-03 plans.
10/23/19 – Champlin revised SP-03 and reissued based on Greg’s comments.
10/24/19 – Greg approves SP-03 drawing.
12/12/19 – We discussed in detail how to price up the expansion of the storage room with THP recommendations from their fieldwork. Bert suggested we put together the cost to do the storage room work as two alternates for this work. We then discussed how to do that work and what to price up in the Alternate. TTE to give new prices to CA for this change.
12/16/19 – Project is given new job number 19-PDFO-0486-2040
01/24/20 – Champlin Cost Estimate is uploaded.
01/29/20 – THP’s opinion of probable cost uploaded to Archibus. DD drawings to be sent to Champlin by 1/31/20.
01/30/20 – CA, THP and TTC to edit the estimate one more time and potentially upload drawings. TTC and JM to discuss with Jessica after Partner Meeting.
02/26/20 – Alternate estimates added to comment section. Waiting on P&D decision.
03/24/20 – Cost estimate updated to reflect flooring changes.
07/30/20 – On hold.
08/27/20 – On hold.