by Champlin Champlin

07/24/19 – Bert discussed 2020 project schedules with team today. All partners can edit this project for updates this year.
08/28/19 – ThermalTech has received our SOSS back from Facilities and fieldwork has been started. HVAC and Plumbing have bee updated for Admin air compressors, auto title and vestibule projects. We should discussed a revised completion date for all the partners.
08/22/19 – THP provided SOSS for project cost estimates.
08/28/19 – County approved THP SOSS.
09/01/19 – ThermalTech completed preliminary estimates awaiting schematic design documents for changes.
09/10/19 – County approved Champlin SOSS.
09/26/19 – THP completed loading dock estimate and information loaded into Archibus.
10/07/19 – We met back at the Admin Building on vestibule job and modified the MEP cost a little bit. All ThermalTech projects are updated and ready to go.
10/03/19 – Project request made Scott Weikel for glass security panels to be installed at public counters on the 9th and 10th floor of the Taft Building.
10/07/19 – THP attended kick off meeting for review CAB entry project. Based on current project request, THP will not have a role in this project.
10/31/19 – THP estimate up loaded into Archibus.
11/01/19 – Champlin scheduled for field visit to verify locations and dimensions of work area.
11/05/19 – CA cost estimate for Justice Center Security Barriers uploaded to Archibus.
11/08/19 – CA updated SD plan for Autotitle project.
11/12/19 – CA cost estimate for Autotile uploaded to Archibus
11/18/19 – Cost estimate uploaded to Archibus. SD drawings sent to County.
11/11/19 – Bert Watts provided CA with new contact information for someone to walk the scope of JC Door replacement.
12/02/19 – CA cost estimate for Cab Entry uploaded to Archibus.
12/13/19 – CA visited Justice center to review scope for Justice Center Frame Replacement
12/17/19 – TEI updated plans and cost for 2020 Projects for CAB Auto Title and Vestibule project in Archibus.
01/16/20 – CA received list of doors and frames to be replaced in Justice Center from Sgt. J. McAuliffe.
02/25/20 – CA reached out to vendors for more information.  In the process of putting together cost estimate based on vendors information.
02/27/20 – PDF 2020 estimates by Friday 2/28 and share with Bert when complete. No binders required for this year.

03/09/20 – Champlin reached out to Sgt. McAullife for questions regarding Justice Center Door Replacement project. Waiting on Stg. to schedule a meeting with higher ups to discuss scope.

05/01/20 – Stg. McAullife provided answers to questions of scope. Reached back to to clarify scope

06/17/20 – Scope finalized. Estimate uploaded to Archibus.