Project Lead: GBBN

09/27/12 – Call from Bert Watts requesting SOSS for second similar facility on the same site.

10/02/12 – GBBN submits SOSS to Bert Watts.

10/03/12 – GBBN receives approved SOSS.

10/23/12 – GBBN submit preliminary bid package to Bert Watts for Owner review.

10/26/12 – Bert Watts gives conditional approval of documents. Awaiting approval from Ralph Linne before final distribution to Purchasing.

10/27/12 – GBBN receives ITB information from Purchasing for Legal Wrap.

10/30/12 – Bert Watts notifies GBBN of Ralph Linne approval to bid.

10/30/12 – GBBN sends documents to Purchasing and ARC Reprographics for Bidding and Distribution.

10/31/12 – GBBN copies of bidding documents received from ARC Reprographics.

02/07/12 – GBBN receives signed SOSS back from Facilities Department.01/21/2- GBBN received stamped engineering calculations from VersaTube.

01/03/13 – GBBN submits permit application to City of Cincinnati Permit Center.

01/10/13 – GBBN delivered signed and stamped updated surveys to the City Permit Center.3. 1/15/13 Facilities sent signed contract and PO to Graybach to begin submittal process.

01/16/13 – Graybach acknowledged receipt of contract and will begin process of approvals with VersaTube.

01/02/13 – GBBN attends Zoning Variance Hearing. Preliminary approval granted.

01/03/13 – Official Zoning Variance Letter received.

01/18/13 – GBBN receives telephone call from City of Cincinnati Permit Center indicating permit has been approved. GBBN forwards information and final permit cost to Graybach.

02/18/13 – Graybach begins excavation for footing installation.

02/19-13 – GBBN reports to Grayback frozen ice is laying in footer trenches. Graybach arrives on site and pumps water out of trenches.

02/20/13 – Graybach pours concrete foundations.

02/26/13 – GBBN visits site and notifies Graybach blanketing is blown off footings. GBBN requests damaged gutter strap be repaired on existing building when new building erection commences.

03/21/13 – Graybach informs GBBN that building framing sent by building manufacturer is incorrectly sized for the 16–0″ required width.

03/22/13 – Graybach issues letter to building manufacturer to inform them of the width discrepancy.

03/27/13 – GBBN inquires with Graybach about additional information on corrective measures. Graybach responded that corrective materials were delivered by the Building Manufacturer 03/26/13 – Graybach intends to recommence work 04/01/13

04/01/13 – Graybach receives corrected truss framing members to continue construction.

04/17/13 – Graybach notifies GBBN that all four corner trim members sent by building manufacturer ware sent too short. Construction can’t continue without correct trim pieces. GBBN instructs Graybach to get correct full length trim and not piece together add-ons.

04/23/13 – GBBN sends inquiry about delivery date for correct trim members and projected date for recommencement of construction.

04/29/13 – Missing pieces received from building manufacturer. Graybach to resume work this week.

05/14/13 – Missing pieces have been installed. Interior studs and lath to begin next week.

05/15/13 – Thelen; to send Special Inspections from to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

05/21/13 – GBBN visited the site and determined the remaining work is the spray applied fireproofing, overhead door, gutters/downspouts, painting and door hardware.

05/23/13 – GBBN visited the site and took progress photos.

05/30/13 – Interior Fireproofing studs information and details sent to Thelen for Special Inspections.

06/05/13 – Spray applied fireproofing to be installed.

06/12/13 – Graybach had spray applied fireproofing inspection with the City of Cincinnati. The overhead door was installed.

06/19/13 – Gutters, downspouts, painting and door hardware installed.

06/24/13 – GBBN visited site and noticed two downspouts, not one per the drawings, have been installed on each of the front and back of the building. This error was brought to Graybach’s attention before the drain tile was extended to receive the new building storm drainage.

07/19/13- GBBN visits site and conducts punch list inspection. GBBN forwards punch list to County and Graybach.

08/23/13 – Graybach sends proposal for proposed Site Allowance requested work by County.

08/25/13 – Graybach forwards proposed storm piping support detail to County and GBBN for review.

09/04/13 – County authorizes Graybach to order EZ Sleepers and miscellaneous materials for storm drainage anchorage. Graybach hopes to work on site Monday 9/9/13.

09/09/13 – GBBN visits site to review materials and detailing of storm drainage anchorage. GBBN sends details to County for review.

01/23/14- GBBN contacts Graybach about final closeout documents and final payment status.

01/24/14- Graybach indicates closeout documents ready to send. Final Inspection completed with the City of Cincinnati Building Department. No final Certificate of Occupancy documentation received yet.

01/27/14- GBBN contacts City of Cincinnati Building Department to inquire about final Certificate of Occupancy. Informed that former inspector has retired. Joe Luster is called to inquire about status and voice mail left.

03/07/14- GBBN receives return telephone call from Jim Zimmer of the City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections. He indicated the final inspection was performed by the City on 07/18/13 and all was found to be in compliance. Waterworks signed off on 02/18/14 and was last remaining department required for final sign-off. Final paperwork and project closeout is now ongoing by the City.