Project Lead: GBBN

08/18/11 – Call from Bert Watts to discuss needs for permitting.

08/19/11 – GBBN contacts County of Hamilton Zoning. Indications are the City of Cincinnati is AHJ.

08/19/11 – GBBN contacts City of Cincinnati concerning Zoning and Permit Requirements.

08/22/11 – GBBN reports back to Bert Watts concerning permitting and structural requirements. Bert Watts requests SOSS be generated.

08/22/11 – GBBN delivers research into Use Group and Storage Code Requirements to Bert Watts.

08/24/11 – Bert Watts reports that Facilities is waiting for Clerk of Courts approval to place storage unit on site.

09/14/11 – Bert Watts sends documentation of basis of design structure to GBBN.

04/09/12 – Call placed to VersaTube for heavier gauge metal panel order to comply with Fire Rating Design.

05/04/12 – Footings poured after inspection and approval of formwork by Building Inspector.

05/25/12 – GBBN meets with VersaTube representative to take delivery of missing components.

05/28/12 – GBBN finalizes translucent panel order with VersaTube

05/30/12 – Payment send overnight for translucent panel order.

06/20/12 – Delivery service called to request fence be opened for delivery of extra panels.

06/27/12 – Graybach confirms latest extra panel delivery has been received.

07/23/12 – Inquiries to Graybach to determine when work to recommence on site.

07/24/12 – Graybach sends updated schedule for completion of project.

07/24/12 – GBBN visits site to review fallen fireproofing. Gates locked and only observation from outside gate.

07/25/12 – GBBN visits site and photographs and documents progress and remaining items to be completed. Reports to Bert Watts.

08/27/12 – Punch List site walk through performed.

08/28/12 – Punch List sent to Bert Watts and John Nester for review. After approval from both the punch list sent to Graybach.

08/29/12 – Graybach confirms final inspection approval received from City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.

10/22/12 – Graybach instructed to complete as-built drawings showing actual built foundation dimensions.

10/30/12 – GBBN reports to Graybach Change Order invoice to be paid by end of this week.

03/08/13 – Graybach sends letter from City of Cincinnati Permit Office about closing out the Special Inspections on this project.

03/09/13 – GBBN contacts Thelen about logistics for completing the Special Inspections.

03/20/13 – Special Inspections visit by Thelen scheduled. Visit is postponed due to snow.

03/22/13 – Special Inspections re-visit by Thelen scheduled. Visit is postponed due to snow. again.

05/15/13 – Thelen; to send Special Inspections from to City of Cincinnati Buildings and Inspections.