Partner Lead: THP

08/16/16 – Hamilton County requested a SOSS for all phases of work noted in THP’s report dated 8/8/16. Soil investigation, design and bidding to be completed by early December. Construction schedule anticipated Spring of 2017.

08/18/16 – THP met with Terracon to develop the soil investigation proposal.

08/23/16 – THP published SOSS for review.

08/18/16 – THP met Terracon at site to review existing conditions for purposes of receiving a proposal for geotechnical services.

09/07/16 – THP met Terracon at site to confirm and mark interior and exterior borings and test pit locations.

09/12/16 – Terracon completed exterior borings.

09/13/16 – Terracon completed interior borings.

09/21/16 – Terracon completed test pits, and THP observed and surveyed exterior elevations.

10/11/16 – THP received Terracon’s preliminary documents from field work and soil testing.

10/14/16 – THP issued documents for Owners Review.

10/18/16 – THP issued Bid Set of documents.

10/25/16 – Prebid meeting completed at Records Center.

10/27/16 – THP issued Addendum 01.

11/03/16 – THP issued Addendum 02.

11/17/16 – Bid opening. KFI and SSRG submitted bids, and SSRG was apparent low bidder.

11/18/16 – THP conference call with SSRG to review misc. questions about bid.

11/18/17 – THP issued letter to Hamilton County recommending SSRG be awarded the project with all 4 alternates accepted.

12/02/16 – THP emailed pdf of AIA Owner-Contractor agreement between County and SSRG for review.

12/06/16 – THP delivered hard copies of AIA Owner-Contractor Agreement to Hamilton County.

02/21/17 – SSRG emailed THP submittals for micropiles.

02/27/17 – THP reviewed and returned SSRG’s submittals for micropiles.

03/23/17 – Project update: SSRG working through background checks of employees and THP scheduling preconstruction meeting.

04/03/17 – THP published submittal log and sent back mortar submittal as revise and resubmit.

04/04/17 – THP reviewed and returned submittals for masonry, sealant, and coatings.

04/27/17 – SSRG working through background checks. Pre-construction meeting anticipated in mid-May (after background checks are complete).

05/01/17 – THP received and reviewed pencil copy of Application for Payment #1 from SSRG.

05/03/17 – Preconstruction meeting at site with Hamilton County, SSRG, and THP.

05/03/17 – THP visited SSRG warehouse to document steel tubes and brackets in storage.

05/04/17 – THP issued notes from preconstruction meeting.

05/19/17 – THP met SSRG at site to review sealant samples.

05/22/17 – THP approved Application for Payment #1 and delivered to Hamilton County.

05/31/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress.

06/01/17 – THP issued 5/31 meeting notes and field report #1.

06/01/17 – THP reviewed and approved SSRG Application for Payment 2, and delivered to Hamilton County.

06/07/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress.

06/07/17 – THP issued 6/7 meeting notes and field report #2.

06/14/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress.

06/15/17 – THP issued 6/14 meeting notes.

06/16/17 – THP and SSRG met on site to document quantities of unit price exterior tuckpointing completed at CMU walls.

06/21/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress and coordinate with SSRG and ECS Construction.

06/21/17 – THP issued 6/21 meeting notes and field report #3.

06/22/17 – THP emailed status of unit cost quantities to SSRG and Hamilton County for review.

06/07/17 – THP received and reviewed pencil copy of SSRG application for payment 3.

06/28/17 – Progress meeting with project team, and THP site visit to document progress, develop punchlist, and document quantities of unit price interior tuckpointing with SSRG.

07/27/17 – All work complete except punch list and power line area work. SSRG scheduling with Duke Energy a shut down.

08/02/17 – THP visited site to review completion of punchlist items, and met with SSRG to review mortar samples for tuckpointing repairs to be completed at northeast corner of building.

08/11/17 – Duke Energy interrupted electrical service.

08/12/17- SSRG began cash allowance work.

08/13/17 – SSRG finished cash allowance work, and Duke Energy re-established electrical service.

08/17/17 – THP visited site to review completion of cash allowance work.

08/21/17 – THP issued field report no. 5 from 8/17 site visit.

08/22/17 – THP received and reviewed pencil copy of SSRG Application for Payment #4.

09/05/17 – THP reviewed and approved change order #1 and contractor’s fourth application for payment, and delivered to County.

09/06/17 – THP developed as-built drawing set and emailed to County and SSRG.

09/28/17 – SSRG assembly closeout documents.

10/09/17 – THP received and reviewed project manual binders from SSRG, and requested revised warranty documentation from coatings manufacturer.

10/16/17 – THP received revised coatings warranty and updated project manual binders.

10/26/17 – Waiting on closeout documents to archive this project.

10/23/17 – THP received final application for payment from SSRG and requested additional required AIA closeout documents.

10/30/17 – THP received and reviewed AIA documents from SSRG for final application for payment, and contacted SSRG about status of lien waivers for subcontractors.

10/30/17 – THP delivered project closeout binders and SSRG’s final application for payment to Hamilton County.

11/09/17 – THP received and reviewed subcontractor lien waivers, and emailed SSRG about providing new documents with corrected information.

11/20/17 – THP received revised subcontractor lien waiver documents from SSRG and forwarded to Hamilton County.

11/27/17 – THP received approved/signed copy of SSRG’s final application for payment.