Lead Partner: ThermalTech

10/05/12 – IBI approved 98% inspection today. MB at TEI called Steve Twehues of Duke and requested power get restored ASAP. Steve to contact IBI, get release letter, and schedule restoration of power with Steve Wessels (likely early next week). Project can then be closed out.
10/31/12 – IBI released approval. Duke energy powered the pump up, but there is no meter at this time. Duke energy is insisting that the exiting PT’s are relocated up approximately 2-3 feet on pole, they feel that this is a safety issue once the platforms are installed, they will be too close to be within reach. TTE and trades argued that this area is only accessed by “qualified personnel”, and Duke CPC agreed, but metering division is requiring that they are moved, stating that kids are thrift and can climb fences and that this is a safety issue.

08/28/13 – TE met with Steve Wessels and FD Lawrence. FDL pulled report on soft start, and determined that the soft start was starting/stopping every time that the pump ran. TE sent wiring diagram to Steve Wessels to wire a stop float and a start float.

01/24/14 – Back punchlist complete. This project is complete.