05/30/08 – Ginter sent the panelboard schedule in excel format. TEI forwarded to County and sent allowance usage certificate to Ginter for signing. Ginter has to provide an approved IBI permit at conclusion of this project.

04/09/08 – All Work is complete. TEI will finish and stamp the permit drawing for Ginter. Ginter will get IBI for making the conference room on emergency panel for colonel. This will use the last of the allowance money and closeout the project.

01/07/08 – Ginter has completed punchlist items. MAH will conduct back check when meeting on extra work takes place. The Colonel would like to have some receptacles on emergency power in the conference room so they can use as a command center. The work will be discussed with final approval from Tony Matre.

12/14/07 – Change order was requested for Ginter to access the $2000 allowance. TEI has requested additional itemized backup and an explanation of the additional devices from Ginter. Jim Ginter sent the additional items to TEI and MH is reviewing for approval today. MH created the punchlist for the project and is distributing the punchlist to the contractor today as well.

12/11/07 – Construction meeting was conducted and punchlist was created moving toward a final closeout. Punchlist items will take a few weeks because of the lead time in ordering engraved labels. Aside from some misunderstanding in the labeling requirements the work appears very thorough. Ginter turned over mark-ups. Ginter to submit pay apps and TEI to write a deduct change order for unused allowance.

11/30/07 – As promised Ginter reported today that this project is complete. TTC responded back to their email that we would use the const mtg for our punchlist and to advise about allowance usage on this project so TEI could write a deduct change order for closeout. TTC also sent all the closeout documents to Ginter for use on this job.

11/28/07 – Ginter provided an update today stating the the ID project was going well. TEI will setup a const mtg the week of 12/10.

11/09/07 – TTC distributed Pre Const Mtg minutes from last week. Ginter is on the job and ready to complete by the end of this year.

08/31/07 – TTC received word from HCFD that the insurance issue has been resolved. TEI awaiting word from HCFD so that this project can move into the Construction Phase.

08/15/07 – NR wrote: “Any idea about when this project is going to be ready for construction?” Bert( HCFD) responded: “I am still working out Insurance issues with Michael Ginter, he is working on getting me the correct Certificate of Insurance. Jim and I are working on getting the LEADS background checks completed.” TEI awaiting word from Hamilton County Facilities Department to move into construction phase.

08/10/07 – TEI awaiting word that the contract has been signed by Ginter Electric so that this project can move into the construction phase.

07/30/07 – NR received word from Bert Watts at the Hamilton County Facilities Department that the contract was sent to Ginter Electric last week for their signature. TE is awaiting word that the contract has been signed so that this project can move forward with the construction phase.

06/29/07 – TE awaiting word that the contract has been signed to that this project can move into the construction phase.

06/22/07 – Contract has been awarded to Ginter Electric. The contract has been sent to Mark Donnelly; TE is awaiting signed contract to proceed with pre-construction meeting.

06/15/07 – Hamilton County Facilities is reviewing the bid tabulation. TE is awaiting word about which contractor has been awarded the contract so that we can move forward with this project.

06/08/07 – This project opened for bid yesterday. TE is awaiting the bid tabulation from the Hamilton County Purchasing Department.

06/01/07 – This project is set for bid opening on June 7, 2007.

05/25/07 – The pre-bid meeting was held on site today. Those in attendance included Kevin and Steve Kallmeyer of Kallmeyer Electric, Jim Ginter of Ginter Electric, Nick Richmond of ThermalTech Engineering, and Walt Hendrick/ Mike Jackson/ Ken Caruso of Hamilton County. A site tour was given as well as a specification and drawing review. This project is expected to go to bid on June 7th of 2007.

05/21/07 – Project went out for bid on May 18, 2007. Pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for Friday, May 25 at 10:00am. Meeting place is the lobby of the Patrol Headquarters. NR contacted Captain Mark Hendrick to discuss working hours. It was decided that normal working hours would best suit this project because of limited access to certain areas of the facility. NR sent an email to Mark Donnelly informing him of this.

04/27/04 – Drawings for the Device Identification portion of this project are complete and will be present for Hamilton County review in the meeting today, April 27 of 2007. The Arc Flash Labels are at the printer and should be completed within the next 2 weeks.

04/20/07 – Arc Flash Labels are being dropped off to the printer next week. The Device Identification portion of this project is complete and the drawings will be complete next week.

04/13/07 – Single Line Diagrams have been established and Arc Flash Study has begun. TE found discrepancies with the As-Built drawings and what was found in the field so they are making another field visit today, April 13, 2007. This visit is meant to trace the source of the panels in the barns and out-buildings. There is an automatic transfer switch in the Property Room that needs to be traced also. Dan Myer of TE will also be on site to meet with a county employee to locate above ceiling equipment.

04/06/07 – Kick-off meeting was held. Project is moving along as expected.

03/30/07 – Kick-off meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, April 5th of 2007.

03/23/07 – Project progressing as expected. Kick-off meeting tentatively scheduled for the first week in April. TE to set up meeting with Hamilton County Facilities.

03/20/07 – Fieldwork is progressing and is about 80% complete.

03/14-07 – NR created project journal and filled in back data from previous meetings. Project awaiting signed SOSS to be returned to TE. 90% of field work has been completed for the Device Identification portion of this project. Field notes not inputted electronically per awaiting signed SOSS.