Building Operations Project

04/17/15 – Met on site this month to discuss with contractor, vendor and mfgr scenarios to replacing the existing condensing units. Sent email to Tony. R-22 not available any longer. Dual circuited condensers can’t be used unless the AHU are converted back. Replacing the existing condensing with a one for one does really help with unloading.

05/25/15 – Project will probably be submitted for cost for 2016 Project Cost Estimates.

06/24/15 – Project was submitted and priced by Terry Cannon of ThermalTech in 2016 Project Cost Estimates.

07/28/15 – Tony discussed moving forward with direct one for one replacement for CU-2 and CU-5. TTC to get small project quotes for Tony.

08/26/15 – Trane was out to do a compressor replacement on CU-2 again to try to fix the issues.

09/23/15 – Tony requested SOSS to replace RTU-2,5 and possibly RTU-6 as an alternate.

10/08/15 – ThermalTech was onsite performing more fieldwork for design.

10/27/15 – Project issued for bidding.

11/24/15 – Bids were opened today. County has several awardable projects. Base Bid and Alternate #2 seem to be solid bids.

12/08/15 – TEI sent Matre a Triton contract for Base Bid and Alternate #2 work. Project total is $141,000 which includes a $4100 allowance. Carrier equipment is listed as the manufacturer for this job.

01/26/16 – Contracts are at Prosecutors office for final approval. Waiting on vendors signatures to begin.

02/08/16 – Contracts are still being approved for Triton on this job. TTC inquired about status.

02/26/16 – Contract is awaiting approval.

03/22/16 – Submittals approved and sent back to vendor for ordering. Project schedule approved and sent to owner for use on this project. Fencing change order sent in for owner record. Schedule of Values approved.

03/30/16 – Permit office called and requested structural note from THP. Jackson requested fans in Detective Area during outage. Triton agreed that would be no problem.

04/15/16 – This week was spent coordinate the THP structural work for the plans examiner and the integration between the CC and the Vendor of the RTU. Lots of coordination work.

04/26/16 – Triton on site and starting work. Phone conference worked out several details with Doug from Triton and schedule of work at site. Triton to check on bldg permit today.

05/25/16 – Contractors are working out structural steel issues at SPHQ on RTU-6. AHU-2 and RTU-6 replacement to begin in earnest on June 1, 2016. Triton will provide fans and crane that day for work. county to coordinate parking needs and communication with Sheriff.

06/10/16 – TTC on site to check construction and take photos of ductwork supports.

06/29/16 – TTC on site to check installation of RF-1 in return ductwork and examine safety concerns of ductwork support system.

07/09/16 – Jackson sends new photos of RF-1 with concerns of attachment to ductwork and sealant issues.

07/21/16 – ThermalTech rejected the steel structural supports on the ductwork for this project after THP provided recommendation last weeks. TTC had long conversation with Triton about the rework scope of the project and modifying the change order submitted for the work. Doug Emery is working on reworking picking up punchlist items, dropping ductwork down tot 6ft above grade, modifying elbows, putting light back where it was originally installed, redoing insulation on ductwork, modifying condensate drain and grading the landscape will be done at end of project. Triton asked that ThermalTech and owner release a detailed drawing on what would be considered an acceptable support system for the ductwork.

07/27/16 – ThermalTech and Triton discussed the rework at great length. TEI to release itemized drawing for new ductwork support, this is about 50% done. We have to do a new section and a duct support details dwg for Triton.

08/03/16 – ThermalTech released Bulletin #1 drawing outlining changes in structural duct supports for Triton to rectify work in field and checked up on some other punchlist issues. 08/15/16 – Remote monitoring devices installed at SPHQ for temperatures. un: thermaltech_hamco pw: Engineer5721

08/04/16 – Triton contacted for change order cost update for RTU-5 on next email.

08/17/16 – Triton sent in revised change orders,

08/18/16 – ThermalTech sent back a list of questions and clarifications on the cost.

08/19/16 – Triton sent back answers and a change order usages.

08/22/16 – ThermalTech asked Triton if there was anyway to get this work completed with only allowance money.

08/23/16 – ThermalTech sends changes to Tony Matre for discussions.

09/01/16 – There is not enough space to fully explain everything going on at SPHQ. Triton turned in several change orders to redo duct supports. In the end they were all using allowance monies to finish the job. Tony rejected them all. TEI has drafted an official ASI instructing Triton to put the duct supports in as design and noted on the bid drawings. Work should start next week hopefully. Air balancer is calling to balance units for closeout on this job. Tony said that RTU-5 may be a go for design this year.

09/08/16 – Tony gave ThermalTech direction to send out official ASI instructing Triton to install the ducts as designed.

09/23/16 – Triton has installed the new supports and is working on remaining closeout items.

09/28/16 – ThermalTech visited the site twice since the rework started. Rain has slowed progress. TEI has asked for updates from Triton but have not received any updates as of this date. ThermalTech contact THP to assist with RTU-5 work and new SOSS requested by Tony.

10/24/16 – ThermalTech contacted Dave Deger and expressed our extreme dissatisfaction with progress on closing this project out. And asked for him to get an update to us ASAP. TTC also spoke to Mike Jackson at some length about bidding out the RTU-5 vs Change Order and what the scope of work will be for the rebid (boiler, safety rails, etc).

10/25/16 – Doug Habegger replied via email with a controls update at SPHQ. They will be on site 10/31 to make changes. Here is a transcript of that email: All – Regarding the SPHQ project, Rick Wiener (Habegger) & Steve Schinkal (Alpha) met on-site earlier this week. Per my conversations with them, the factory-installed RTU Open controller (Part # OPN-RTUM2) apparently communicates and controls just fine with the Johnson DDC system via BACnet. However, there are several issues with RTU BACnet feedback:
ISSUE #1: The economizer is controlled by a stand-alone Honeywell JADE controller that came with the economizer package, and thus isn’t monitored via BACnet. ThermalTech would like the economizer to be monitored by the DDC system.
SOLUTION: The RTU Open model has the capability of controlling the economizer. Habegger will remove the JADE economizer module, change the existing economizer actuator to a 2-10VDC actuator and wire the new actuator back to the RTU Open module. The DDC system will then be able to monitor economizer position, and adjust the minimum economizer position. Rick Wiener will be on-site Monday Oct 31 (weather pending) to install and wire the actuator.
ISSUE #2: Space CO2 should be monitored for Demand Control Ventilation and visible through DDC. Currently the DDC system cannot read the CO2 level.

SOLUTION: Habegger will replace the RTU Open’s existing wall-mtd. temp sensor with a combination Temp/CO2 sensor. Both sensors only require 4 wires so no physical wiring adjustment is necessary. Once the sensor is replaced the CO2 level can be monitored by the DDC system. Rick will change out this sensor on Monday as well.
ISSUE #3: The unit includes two-speed fan control. The VFD speed signal is not wired up the RTU Open controller, so the fan speed is not monitored via BACnet. The RTU Open does not control the fan speed, the unit automatically increases fan speed from 66% to 100% when the unit enters 1st or 2nd stage heat or 2nd stage cool. ThermalTech would like VFD speed feedback to be read from the DDC system.
SOLUTION: Alpha will connect one of the free inputs on their system to the VFD to monitor fan speed (per my conversation with Steve earlier today).

10/26/16 – ThermalTech updated the team with the latest changes and updates to closing out this project.

11/10/16 – We are working on controls, closeout, payapps and punchlist.

11/26/16 – Triton sent the painting CO#7 to ThermalTech which was forwarded to Matre and Jackson for approval.

12/07/16 – Triton approved for painting the steel with allowance money, updating the final pay application and closing out the job.

12/29/16 – TTC sent final paperwork, O&M’s, updated warranties and such to Tony Matre for closeout on this job.