01/24/11 – TTC asked for a written letter from KFI to proceed with closeout as the punchlist is not fully complete as the scratches on the sign have to be touched up.

10/28/10 – We have visited the site several times as the foundation has been poured, electrical has been run and masonry work is ready to begin.

09/29/10 – Holding for State to complete road work.

08/13/10 – Payment 1 has been sent.

07/28/10 – TEI to approve payapp and send to Bert. It looks good, have to visit the site to see the sign.

04/26/10 – We are on hold until June.

03/23/10 – It has been reported that the sign is complete.

02/24/10 – John Brockman called with a question about backlighting the can. TEI will return the call.

02/05/10 – TTC visited Ernst signs and worked out final details on the sign building scheduled for April. TTC updated all parties.

12/31/09 – TTC submitted a permit answer to HamCo building inspections. The next step is theirs. We may have to resubmit to start the project again.

09/22/09 – The new street is very close to the sign. The County is working with ODOT to finalize the sign work. Our contractors are preparing a new shop drawing to the County permit office with the galvanized steel frame.

07/29/09 – No updates because Street Widening is still on hold.

06/23/09 – KF has not returned our call or emails about sign permit approval. At this time it is being held for review by Marty in HamCo Bldg Dept awaiting our clarification on how the sign post will be embedded into the sign base and what material it will be. We may need a meeting or conference call with KF and Brockman signs.

05/22/09 – Zoning has approved our sign permit. The bldg department is questioning the supports for the sign. Tom Speer is checking his design for us.

03/02/09 – Pre-Construction meeting held. KFI will order materials and store sign at HQ to allow invoicing. On hold until street widening is complete.