09/29/10 – Project closed and archived.

08/16/10 – We talked to Debra Kuempel today. O&M’s were submitted and I believe sent to the County last November. We have been holding for the final change order. Kevin and Donna at DK agreed the Change Order Credit was going to be $5761 for this job. Laurie is typing, we will delivery for signature to DK today and then they can get their closeout docs in order and we can close this job.

08/13/10 – Payapps updated for both contractors. As Built dwgs completed by TEI. QCM needs to sign the change order and send to Bert.

07/28/10 – Check on DK change order work and approve as-builts for project completion.

05/26/10 – DK is installing the fiberglass pan in June. We are awaiting QCM closeout docs.

05/15/10 – TTC is working on closeout documents for QCM. We have the final payapp but I don’t know if we have the O&M manuals so I contacted QCM again to check the status.

04/26/10 – Project is complete save the fiberglass pan issue.

03/23/10 – DK got an okay to provide pricing for a new fiberglass drip pan for the panel as we wait for THP to work on better site drainage.

02/22/10 – TTC signed additional payapps for QCM and DK for payment on this job. We are ready to close it out. There is an issue about a ground fault alarm and wiring on the fire pit. DK said they may just replace the wire and be done with it.

12/31/09 – Debra Kuempel did the overnight work on the conduit sealant upgrade and I believe we are down to final closeout. We have a warranty issued with the pit having a grounding issue at the fire alarm panel. DK has sent a technician to repair.

10/20/09 – TTC sent out punchlist today to contractors with instructions to closeout project. We are accepting CO#09 for blacktop from QCM. We have to work out the $10,000 allowance with Debra Kuempel and the $7500 with QCM for this project to write the final Change Orders. The email included instructions to closeout and finalize change orders and allowances.

09/22/09 – The project is nearly complete. TEI will be performing the punchlist in the next few weeks. DK is going to be on site on Thursday to finish up their work. Queen City Mechanical submitted change orders for processing today. We received a new COR #8 for piping. TEi asked for more info on this change order. We should be able to close out in a month.

08/26/09 – Final tie-ins for both fire protection and fire alarm are being made. By the end of this week, everything should be 99% complete and ready for punchlist.

07/27/09 – Bert and Terry talked last week about having TEI modifying our permit to list the Fire Pit as existing equipment. TTC called but the Inspectors office was closed. I will try back again later. The County has asked for the CWW to submit their drawings and apply for a permit for the work separately.

06/23/09 – All the permit issues have been resolved. TTC contact QCM mechanical by email and phone to get an update on status of fire main trench. No update but TTC will check on 06/24 when he visits the site for the FA project. DK has not been back to the site since the new power was brought back online. We believe they will return when they work on the trench with QCM.

05/22/09 – DK has finished the transformer relocation. The building is back up on Duke power from the new transformer. The cables are being collected for pickup. Prus provided the new fire main and fire pit for us. QCM will be out 05/26/09 to begin trenching the parking lot for the remaining work on fire alarm and fire sprinkler work.

04/03/09 – TTC sent an email update to the team for the pit, given it is located in the parking lot. Tony is going to look at the final location. Bert and Tony to advise. Luckily, we talked about this happening in the pre construction meeting.

02/19/09 – GCWW has brokered a deal to have Ray Prus provide the water tap to the R/W for QCM from the new water main. Ford Development will build the pit from that location. We have asked for a credit from QCM for the smaller scope.

02/0509 – QCM informed us that a new water main is being installed in Hamilton Ave. I advised QCM to investigate using that main instead of the one we originally projected for use.

02/02/09 – TTC modified the project schedule and sent out for approval to all the vendors. Jackson questioned the actual shutdown and switchover date but TTC told him that was not set in stone yet. The City has approved the water permit. We are waiting on ODOT approval of the plans before digging.

01/05/09 – Payapp #3 came in for DK and ThermalTech approved and sent to Bert. This payapp went to Bert first which may delay this payment.

10/16/08 – ThermalTech sent profile drawing to QCM for submission to state. TEI sent new permit drawings to Debra Kuempel for permit application. DK is getting price from Duke for work on this project per the scope of work on the specs as TEI wrote.

08/29/08 – Contracts approved. Pre Const Set for next Thursday.

08/22/08 – No update from County. TEI inquired about proceeding. Tony answered that contracts will be in front of the Board next Wed. 08/27.

08/08/08 – Tony reported the Prosecutor has contracts for approval. They are pushing hard.

07/31/08 – County reported that all contracts are at Prosecutor’s Office awaiting approval.

07/30/08 – TEI has delivered all contracts to Contractors for signing. TEI sent stamped permit drawings to Queen City Mechanicals for CWW permit application. QCM stated that CWW will want permit tap fee as soon as permit is awarded. This process may be the longest lead item of the whole job.

07/18/08 – Pre Award Meeting complete. All contractors recommended for project. Debra and Queen City Mechanical both stated they understood the project, the schedule and agreed their price was valid for this scope.