10/28/19 – Champlin, THP, and ThermalTech meet on site at the Hamilton County SPCA for a building tour. We toured the facility to see existing conditions and meet with representatives from the ASPCA and SPCA to discuss requirements for animal shelters. TTE has the existing drawings for scanning.
12/11/19 – The teams revisited the project site last Friday, THP on Monday. We are creating the estimates and report scope this week in advance of turning over the final report and estimates.
12/12/19 – The team discussed what to put in the report for Bert and in current population and code population. This report is supposed to discuss if the County should renovate this space for the new code requirements for canine’s. The county is not actually responsible for the cat population. #1-Renovation Cost, #2-expand to code population needs, #3-New Renovation Cost? We are to send all summaries to Kru at Champlin. BW said he really needs this next week. BOCC terminated SCPA agreement this year and are now looking for keep SCPA services. Provide draft by 12/19 to County.
12/20/19 – All partners have submitted cost and write-ups to the County. The County is working with CA on new building cost estimates and any updates that might be associated with square foot cost. The Renovation/Upgrade of existing facility cost seemed to be within expected ranges.
12/13/19 – THP reviewed budget for reduced repair scope project and discussed with CA.
12/16/19 – THP had conference call with project team to discuss repair scope.
12/18/19 – THP finalized draft of building envelope assessment report and emailed to project team for review.
12/19/19 – THP finalized building envelope assessment report and issued to CA.
01/27/20 – All information submitted to the County in December, will check on any additional updates at this months meeting.
02/20/20 – No updates this month.
03/23/20 – No updates this month.
04/30/20 – No updates this month.
05/27/20 – No updates this month.
06/24/20 – No updates this month.
07/29/20 – Emailed Tony all the scanned drawings we have of the building.
08/26/20 – This project picked up a little bit this month in answering some building questions and discussing adding it to Archibus.
09/18/20 – New Arc Flash project SOSS sent to County, followed up with some additional drawings to Tony from study. This project can probably be archived.
09/24/20 – OK to Archive.