11/14/16 – Prebid meeting was held on site.

11/15/16 – TTC investigate using the existing architectural and mechanical plans to reword the ductwork on RTU-5 so that the unit will keep its ductwork up on the second floor and penetrate the side wall on the second floor and intercept the ductwork where it comes up through the floor. TTC spoke to Kevin Maue, Greg Smorey and Tom Speer about the original build today.

11/16/16 – Addendum #1 was sent out this morning for bidding answering prebid questions.

11/18/16 – Addendum #2 was sent out.

11/22/16 – Addendum #3 was sent out.

12/07/16 – Contracts sent to Tony for Debra Kuempel. Waiting on approval and kickoff meeting.

01/13/17 – Discussed equipment vendor selection with Feldkamp and JCI. Carrier was submitted but they are probably going to purchase JCI as an equal vendor for this project. Spoke to Jackson and Tony about this.

02/02/17 – Precon schedule for 2/14.

02/17/17 – Met contractor on site to review possible new placement and routing for ductwork on this job. ThermalTech to draw up new location and routing and get THP approval.

02/27/17 – Revised downflow design completed and sent to contractor for pricing on Thursday, revised again on Friday and emailed, revised again on Monday and sent to contractor.

02/28/17 – Final design and schedules revised again and sent to Feldkamp and Owner. Submittals rejected twice this week but third submittal was sent back Furnish as Corrected. Also told Tony today that the redesign used $2040 of the const budget and leaves about $500 for Const Services.

03/09/17 – Unit is ordered, a revised set of submittals was sent to Feldkamp this week. A controls meeting is scheduled for 3/22 at ThermalTech with Alpha and Habegger.

03/15/17 – TEI sent PO provided by Tony to DK for processing and requested project schedule from Feldkamp for this job.

03/21/17 – THP – THP and TTE had a conference call to discuss scope and fee. TTE to review fees with County.03/21/17 – Controls meeting rescheduled until 3/28 at 9am at TEI.

04/03/17 – TTE requested a formal proposal.04/21/17 – Control submittals have arrived. ThermalTech to review and return ASAP.

04/11/17 – THP provide a proposal for review.04/25/17 – Updated Drawings were given to Jackson and Feldkamp was on site locating the curb on the roof per the new structural drawings. Unit schedule to arrive in May for installation.

04/13/17 – THP proposal approved.

04/25/17 – THP analyzed AHU loading and proposed shifted the unit. Unit location was shifted. THP provided roof top support channel detail.

05/19/17 – TTC stopped by for field inspection. Curb looks good, ductwork looks good, fire dampers look good. DK trying to locate electric for new power to pull new feeders. Pictures from roof support work appeared to be acceptable to ThermalTech and THP.

06/27/17 – Project is complete and we are punchlisting the work.

07/19/17 – Punchlist was distributed today to both Debra Kuempel and Feldkamp Enterprises.

08/03/17 – Met Feldkamp on site to get quote for new boiler options using allowance money leftover on this job.

08/17/17 – Met Jackson onsite today and collected more information for the Alpha quote. Talked to DK and they are coming out to change the restrictor plate on SVH-204 soon, they will also be giving Alpha the K values to program into the VAV boxes on the FE system so we can see the correct CFM’s. I also emailed Alpha a full email explaining that I wanted to simplify and reduce their scope and price on this job and that all of the controls we need are already installed and on the graphics.

08/30/17 -All prices are in for the heating boiler and we can award this work to Feldkamp as part of this job. Still working on a cost from Alpha.

09/08/17 – When the electrical inspector (Ken Spille) came to the field for the final, he had the wrong drawings for the work with him. DK contacted TEI (Mike Barth) and we delivered another copy of the correct drawings to IBI. Ken told DK in the field that once those drawings were dropped off and processed at IBI, that he would get the final for the permit. IBI is now telling DK that they have to call and schedule a final inspection for the project (although they have already had a final), and that IBI cannot close out the project. We told DK that we need to get this closed out, and since the inspector is not recalling his field statements, please work this out and get the final completed. DK working with IBI to resolve.

09/25/17 – Feldkamp and DK were both on site last week installing the new hot water boiler form Lochinvar. We went with the 155,000 btuh boiler for this installation in the fire tube design which is a new offering from Lochinvar. The piping is connected, the exp tank is relocated, the gas piping is connected and the venting is hooked. Feldkamp confirmed the venting is ready and clear of caps and ready to use. This week Feldkamp is to startup the boiler and Alpha controls or Feldkamp will complete the installation of the systems. TTC stopped by last Thursday but not contractors were on site, TTC may stop by again to review the work if he can around his meetings and vacation.

10/24/17 – Boiler is up and running. The controls enables and disables the boiler based on outdoor air temperature. The owner has the boiler set to 140F and can adjust as needed seasonally. TTC sent out the allowance usage and change order for this project and asked Feldkamp to close it all out. The roofer came out and applied another patch to the job around the unit to quell a roof leak and hopefully that works. Everything seems to be up and running well.

10/25/17 – Allowance usage came back from Feldkamp and was forwarded to Tony Matre for signature. Boiler went out on alarm this morning. Feldkamp dispatched to investigate.

11/28/17 – In the past month we have had Feldkamp, Alpha and Corken all on site working on the boiler system. The boiler is running well and Feldkamp has upgraded the gas supply to the boiler, added the combustion tee for tuning up the boiler plant and added the neutralizer to the boiler drain. Alpha has reprogrammed the hot water pump to run through the system at all times and we are awaiting the controls upgrade to supply the setpoint to the boiler. Then Corken can come in and provide a full startup on the boiler.
03/30/18 – After a lot of work to get revised O&M’s for this job from the contractor that TTC felt were good enough for the owner, the final PDF was downloaded and printed by ThermalTech and three O&M’s were created for Tony Matre. I am not sure why TEI is making O&M’s for the contractors nowadays but in an effort to bring the project to completion, they were made and UPS ground to Facilities. The only item we know is open is the CAFM updates for these drawings.