Project Lead: THP
01/27/17 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.
03/02/17 – THP provided Hamilton County with a SOSS.
04/27/17 – Project status THP had two phone conversations with Engineers department over scope and services of SOSS provided by THP. Engineering department plans to recommend the SOSS as is.
05/22/17 – SOSS received for repair
06/14/17 – THP met with County on site to review engineer’s garage lintels project.
06/28/17 – THP anticipates sending out 50% owner review drawings for engineer’s garage.
07/26/17 – Met with Mark M. onsite to review Service Garage 95% owner documents. Set to put documents out next week.
07/27/17 – Met with Mark and gave them review documents last week.
08/02/17 – THP issued bid documents to American Façade Restoration, SSRG, and ZSR. THP invited Lithko, but they declined due to current work load.
08/09/17 – THP issued addendum no. 1.
08/16/17 – THP received bids from Contractors.
08/18/17 – Reviewed bids with County.
08/25/17 – THP issued updated bid documents with to American Façade Restoration, SSRG, and ZSR. Project scope updated to incorporate isolated masonry repairs into 2018 work to provide overall savings.
08/31/17 – Bids dues September 9th
09/07/17 – Contract sent to County for approval.
10/20/17 – County and AFR executed the contract.
10/30/17 – Preconstruction meeting scheduled.11/13/17 – THP visited the site to review buried steel conditions that did not match the original drawings.
11/17/17 – THP issued updated sketches for pricing to modify steel repairs that matched field conditions.
11/20/17 – THP and County agreed verbally to AFR change order pricing. THP issued a change order for the field modifications.
11/28/17 – AFR completed work and cleaning site.
11/29/17 – AFR, Hamilton County, and Hamilton County plan to walk the site to create a final punch list.
02/22/18 – If project is paid out and closed, this can be archived. THP to check.