09/17/13 – County requested SOSS for 2014 structural services.
09/26/13 – THP issued SOSS.
09/26/13 – Hamilton issued executed SOSS.
01/30/14 – THP waiting for active water infiltration in the Coroner Building to evaluate scope of work. Work will probably occur in the spring.
02/27/14 – Coroner Building work on hold.
06/13/15 – THP met with County to provide review of existing plaza sealant joints and recommendations for future repairs.
08/26/15 – County requested THP review Sprint / Clearwater Tower to be installed on the CAB building.
09/24/15 – THP completed initial review of Sprint Tower, then project placed on hold. County requested typical load capacity of the roof. THP to review with the County.
12/03/15 – County requested SOSS for 2015 structural services.
12/09/15 – THP issued SOSS.
12/10/15 – County approved SOSS.
11/17/16 – Hamilton County requested SOSS for 2017.
01/09/17 – THP provided SOSS.
04/27/17 – THP analysis the computer flooring in 800 Broadway for testing equipment. Based on unit information and response from flooring manufacturer; the unit can be located in the room. THP noted the pallet jack may have trouble with the ramp and could damage the floor.