11/06/18 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.
11/15/18 – THP provided SOSS.
11/19/18 – Hamilton County executed the SOSS.
03/28/19 – THP completed internal review of Master Agreement. THP will forward to County by 3/29/19.
— New Contract —
04/08/19 – Hamilton County requested SOSS.
04/10/19 – THP provided an SOSS for review.
04/22/19 – THP provide updated SOSS with new F series number.
04/24/19 – THP SOSS approved.
05/10/19 – A small piece of Terra Cotta fell from the Alms and Doepke Building. THP coordinated contractor support to remove the remaining loose pieces of terra cotta. THP to follow up with a summary report.
06/07/19 – THP issued a draft Terra Cotta report for review.
06/10/19 – THP issued final A&D Terra Cotta report.
10/07/19 – THP attended kick off meeting for review CAB entry project. Based on current project request, THP will not have a role in this project.
10/31/19 – THP estimate up loaded into Archibus.
11/20/19 – 250 WHT Trench Drain work order for cleanout and review planned. THP to review concrete conditions.
12/4/19 – 250 WHT Trench Drain – THP reviewed initial conditions and is reviewing with the City options.
12/10/19 – 250 WHT Trench Drain – Trench drain partially collapsed and is closed. THP and American Fa├žade Restoration reviewed the conditions. AFR placed plates over the main drive lane.
12/11/19 – 250 WHT Trench Drain – THP issued a repair for pricing. AFR hopes to provide a price on 12/13/19.
02/13/20 – County requested THP review corroding steel at the Burlington Garage facility.
02/20/20 – County requested an SOSS for Courthouse bridge issues noted in City bridge inspection report.
02/26/20 – THP completed an initial visit to Courthouse bridge.
02/21/20 – THP and County reviewed field conditions at Burlington Garage. THP to generate an SOSS.
02/27/30 – For 250 WHT Trench Drain work refer to F117 for project status.
06/09/20 – THP met with Champlin at Juvenile Justice Center to review flooring field conditions. No visible structural deterioration or distress, but much of the structure is covered (flooring & fire proofing). THP to review approach with Champlin.
10/29/20 – THP has sent multiple email request to City to try to close out City Facade Inspections for 2020 Auburn and 230 East Ninth.