05/21/07 – The team presented the both phases of the Due Diligence study and the BOE move in programming and cost to Jeff Alluto, Diana Supe, Kevin Maue and John Michel and Bill Stautberg today. We went over existing conditions and possible future costs if the BOE takes occupancy of the building. Phasing plans and cost were turned over to the owner for this report. MEP wise the building is in good shape and will work for this and future needs.

05/14/07 – TE has DK on site for mechanical HVAC testing. TEI visited the site last week to get more FPC, EC and PC information. Report is due for review this Friday with MD and partners.

04/27/07 – TE awaiting signed SOSS.

04/18/07 – TE got prices from one contractor to perform Due Diligence on the AHU’s units at the site for $1900. We have a couple of request still pending.

04/17/07 – TTC & TA visited the site with CRA and THP and County Officials to take pictures, look at equipment and assess the requirements to prepare the Due Diligence Report.